Student bumps head during Frisbee practice

Photo by Grace WallaceThe Big Dawg Freshmen intramural ultimate Frisbee team started their first practice of the year with a bang—on Daniel Brenzel’s head.

During an hour of lighthearted play Monday afternoon, freshman Jose Aguilar passed the disc to Brenzel, who dove straight into the metal BU structure on the campus mall, causing an abrasion on his head, some blood and a point for his team.

“We’ve officially been putting blood, sweat and tears into this practice,” said freshman Brock Brothers, a member of the team, who witnessed the incident.

After diving into the structure, Brenzel said his team members realized he was bleeding, and they called the Health and Recreation Center, the department in charge of intramurals.

“They didn’t answer the phone,” freshman Thomas Petersen said, “so we called BUPD.”

The Big Dawg Freshmen said a fire truck, ambulance and three police cars pulled up to the mall to make sure Brenzel didn’t need to go to the hospital.

“BUPD was on it,” Petersen said. “They got it done.”

Shortly after the police cars pulled away from the quad, the team resumed practicing with Brenzel— who held a towel on his bloody forehead—but not before some of the members pretended to dive into the BU sign.

The Big Dawg Freshmen played their first ultimate Frisbee game of the semester against the High Flyers yesterday at 4 p.m.


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