LETTER TO THE EDITOR | Changes within CCOM cripple college

As a recent graduate of the College of Communication, it has come to my attention that several changes are occurring that greatly concern me.

First, let me say that as a student I was worried about the changes that were taking place in the college, more specifically the strategic communication program. I was dissatisfied with the education that was being offered to me  and that is a real issue.

What initiated sending this letter was learning that not only is Professor Donna Gray leaving the university, but the National Student Advertising Competition course is also not being offered next semester. This comes after a second consecutive regional win and national qualification.

These two occurrences completely cripple and de-value the “advertising” program offered at Butler University. As an alumnus, I want to feel like I am proud of the students graduating from the college and know that I can count on them to be adequate recruits. With the direction the program is currently taking, I do not.

With the direction this program is heading, Butler has no right claiming that there is an advertising major. The NSAC course is one of the only classes I took at Butler that I felt truly contributed to my success with my internships and my job right out of school. Removing this course, no matter the reason, is a terrible decision.

It is disheartening to have this shameful behavior taking place in such a time of celebration with the success of the Butler men’s basketball team. I wish I could be as proud of my college as I am of our athletic department.

Jonathan Spear
2010 Alumnus, Butler University


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