Earth Day celebration to be held Friday

On April 22, 1970, millions of Americans, led by students, protested pollution in America.

More than four decades later, Earth Day celebrations are still held at hundreds of campuses and communities across the country.

The Student Government Association is planning an Earth Day celebration this Friday for Butler University students to get involved and raise awareness about environmental issues.

Scott Nemeth, a sophomore political science and international studies major, said SGA got involved in Earth Day this year as an offshoot of its ongoing Green Movement.

The Earth Day celebration will be featuring Tim Carter, the director of the Center for Urban Ecology, followed by a showing of the movie “Wall-E” in PB 150 at 9 p.m. Friday.

SGA has also teamed up with Aramark to offer organic food for Friday’s lunch to promote sustainable eating practices.

Nemeth said the goal is to make students aware of the small actions they can take to help the environment.

“It’s a good day to be aware of the environment and know we have to do something,” Nemeth said. “We all sit here and we see the news and realize, ‘The earth is in bad shape,’ but then we get in our SUVs and waste gas.”

While the Environmental Concerns Organization and SGA joined together this semester for the Green Movement with a video and poster campaign, they have focused on different events for Earth Day. Nemeth said both organizations can still make an impact toward raising student awareness.

“We’re doing our own things,” he said. “But we’re still partners for the same cause.”


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