Campus Earth Day events in limbo

An event planned by the Environmental Concerns Organization to be held next Wednesday in celebration of Earth Day will be rescheduled for next week because of a university contract with Aramark food services.

ECO president Rebecca Taylor was unable to get a representative from Aramark to sign off on allowing the organization to have food provided by an outside source.

Without approval from Aramark, Taylor said she is unable to get the event approved by the PuLSE office, which means her event cannot be held.

According to the 2010-11 Butler University Student Handbook, outside groups may be brought in for fundraising or other campus events with the approval of PuLSE director Caroline Huck-Watson.

Taylor, a senior public relations and Spanish major, said that while the group normally does an entire week of activities, they are holding a single event this year to increase participation.

The organization will be holding an Earth Fair in Starbucks April 27. The event will focus on art and attendees can make mosaics out of recycled materials, paint glass vases and contribute to a mural.

Taylor said while the focus of Earth Day can be on spending time outside and enjoying the beauty of the environment, it is also about considering how people use resources.

“It’s about realizing that we have to preserve all these things we have,” Taylor said. “I hope people see there’s more to environmental welfare than recycling. There is so much more you can do, and it’s a team effort.”

Taylor said this team effort can be especially effective in a small atmosphere like Butler’s campus.

“When it’s a controlled environment where we all work together, you can actually see it as opposed to trying to save the whole world,” she said. “Participating in Earth Week allows you to make a visible change in your life, and if you’re moved by that, you can extrapolate it to the rest of the Indianapolis community. The sky’s the limit.”


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