Republicans reclaim House in nation and state

Republicans are taking the country back.

That was the anthem of Indiana Republicans as they celebrated a multitude of wins in the midterm elections last night.

Whistles and cheers rang out like battle cries in downtown Indianapolis’ Union Station where the Republican Party came together.  The crowd sported campaign t-shirts and chanted candidate slogans to show their support.

The party celebrated gaining a Republican majority in the U.S. House of Representatives well as both sides of the Indiana General Assembly.

Dan Coats’ win over Democrat Brad Ellsworth brought the U.S. Senate one step closer to a republican majority.

It has been 12 years since a republican held that seat.

“The seat has finally come back to the Republican side and it feels really, really good,” Murray Clark, Indiana Republican Party Chairman, said.

Coats was a senator in the 1990s.  He said he couldn’t bear to sit on the sidelines and watch the Obama administration’s “radical” move to the far left, so he came out of the woodwork and ran for a position.

“This election was a healthy exercise of democracy,” Coats said.  “Tonight, Hoosiers have made their choice.”

For Indiana state government, a Republican majority is also a reality.

Prior to elections, Indiana’s House had been slightly democratic.  The Republican Party only had to take over three House seats to change that.

Republican Governor Mitch Daniels will finish out the last two years of his term with Republicans dominating both sides of the Indiana General Assembly.

Republicans are looking to their large-scale success to unite the American people.

“As conservatives, we believe the best days are ahead of us,” Coats said.

Mike Pence, newly-reelected congressman, agreed.

“Tonight is not so much a victory for any one party,” Pence said, “but for the American people who said ‘Enough is Enough.’”


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