Coats takes Senate; Carson hangs on to 7th

The 2010 midterm elections had people glued to their television screens as results came in on Tuesday night. states that experts were predicting the Republicans would win control of the House of Representatives.

The Republican party needed a net gain of 39 seats to reach the 218 majority of the 435 seats in the House that are up for vote.

Confirming the predictions, the Republicans took over the House with 226 of the 435 seats. Republican John Boehner will replace Democrat Nancy Pelosi as Speaker of the House.

The winning numbers could have something to do with voter turnout. stated that polls show that Republicans are more energized than Democrats, which would suggest that the GOP would receive more votes.

“For too long Washington has been doing what’s best for Washington, not the American people, and tonight that’s about to change,” Boehner said after Republic gains were announced. “The American people have sent an unmistakable message to the President tonight, and, that is ‘Change course.’

“We are humbled by the trust the American people have placed in us.”

For Indiana, Republicans had success in the race for the Senate seat as Republican Daniel Coats defeated Democrat Brad Ellsworth. Coats will replace Democrat Evan Bayh who did not seek re-election.


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