Butler ranked 15th cleanest shaven in recent Schick study

The Butler University Web site states Butler has made top rankings in the U.S. News & World Report and Princeton Review. The university can add another, somewhat different, ranking to its list of accomplishments.

Butler is ranked as 15th cleanest shaven school out of 60 other colleges and universities, according to research done by the makers of Schick Hydro razor and Sperling’s Best Places.

Butler was beat out by Texas Tech University who was the number one cleanest shaven school at 98.0 percent clean-shaven men, and Texas Tech was followed by James Madison University, University of Virginia, Yale University and Penn State University finishing the top five.

The researchers for this study gathered their data from first-hand student observations.

The five least clean-shaven schools are American University, Georgetown University, University of South Florida, Harvard University and Rutgers University-New Brunswick at the bottom with only 29.1 percent clean-shaven students.

Overall, the study found that college men are not shaving while on campus, as the data showed that one in six men were observing beard rates of 50 percent or higher.

Having 76.5 percent clean-shaven men, Butler doesn’t fall into those high rates, as it ranked in the top 25 percent of the colleges that were considered.

This calculation must have been made after the sightings of Matt Howard’s infamous “‘stache” that he sported during the NCAA tournament last spring.

Sophomore Allison Hill said she thinks the scruffy look works for most guys.

“It works, unless you are Matt Howard, then, not so much,” she said.

Being a regularly clean-shaven male has its benefits, according to the Schick Skin-dex survey that was nationally conducted by the SurveyOne Knowledge Center.

The study found that guys who shave regularly have twice as much sex, are happier, more outgoing, more social and more likely to report more attractive significant others, the Schick Skin-dex said.

The benefits are surprising to students like sophomore Randy Vega.

“I know that girls like the scruff,” Vega said. “I usually only do the clean-shaven look for business purposes.”

Sophomore James Pascascio said the ‘facial hair/no facial hair’ debate is a lot more complicated than it seems.

“Some guys like it casual, so they let it go,” Pascascio said. “Some guys take the ‘I’m really trying to look messy’ approach.

“If you have the self-confidence, you can work the ‘no shave’ thing.”

The five o’clock shadow works for some guys, but it’s not a look that everyone can pull off, sophomores Bridget Hannon and Julie Query said.

“If you have a baby-face, you definitely shouldn’t be trying to pull off any hair,” Hannon said.
“Then again, I like my guy with a little five o’clock shadow,” Query said.

So, the scruffy look may work for McDreamy or McSteamy from “Grey’s Anatomy” or for Jack from “LOST,” but according to Schick’s research, it’s not the way to go if you’re an average guy.


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