More parking spaces available

Over 75 additional parking spots will be available for on-campus parking this year.

The majority of these spaces are on-street parking on the west side of Sunset Avenue.

Butler University Chief of Police Ben Hunter said street parking is different than it was before.

“Before we didn’t zone out the city streets, but I worked with the Department of Public Works and we passed a board resolution,” Hunter said.

Hunter said zoning the streets will “guide university faculty, staff and students where to park.”

Assistant Chief of Police Andrew Ryan said the resolution allows BUPD to better manage the street parking.

The streets are zoned using a new lettered system.  Vehicles are allowed to park in lots and street spaces that correspond with the letter on their permit.

“A” permits were given to faculty, staff and other university affiliates; “B” permits are for students living in the residential dorms; “C” permits were given to commuting students, including the students living at the Christian Theological Seminary; “HV” zones were given to students living in the Apartment Village; “G” permits were given to Greek students. Ryan said visitors can still use the Clowes Memorial Hall lot, meters on campus and the overflow lot at Hinkle Fieldhouse.

Hunter said BUPD is continually looking to improve the parking situation for future students and staff.

“In an effort to encourage sustainability, a new and cheaper ‘MC’ permit was created for those operating motorcycles and scooters and new spots are being created for these vehicles,” Hunter said.

Hunter also said that the university is in the process of creating “MC” spaces along the curb of Butler Way and the north loop of Clarendon Avenue.


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