Gary Walters releases first solo album

“Moments in time”: Adjunct professor of music Gary Walters released his first solo album, “Moments in Time.” Walters will be performing in this year’s Faculty Artist Series on Oct. 5. at 7:30 p.m. (Photo courtesy of Gary Walters)

You can now find a Butler University faculty member’s work among the likes of Lady Gaga and Eminem in the iTunes store.
Adjunct professor of music and jazz pianist Gary Walters released his first album, “Moments in Time” earlier this year.
Walters, who has also  been performing professionally since the age of 15, has recorded with other artists, but “Moments in Time” will be Walters’ first solo album.
“There’s a certain level of freedom when you record a solo album,” Walters said. “You can do your work the way you’d like to.”
Walters said recording his first solo album was more practical than recording a collaborative project.
“If I just record myself playing the piano, I obviously don’t have to hire others to work with me and to some degree, that’s very practical,” Walters said.
While recording the album, Walters used a different kind of approach in the studio.
“I wanted to have the energy of a live show,” he said. “There’s a certain type of energy that you can only get in live music.”
To preserve this “feel,” Walters said he played hour-long sets and just recorded it all. He would take a break then play another set.
“Some songs, it would take three or four takes, while other songs were done in one take,” Walters said.
Walters said that he is unsure about what the world can expect to see from him in the future, but he hopes that it is only good.
“I think if I make another CD, I would like to see more collaborations on it,” Walters said. “I really enjoy working with other artists.”
A “huge fan of all music”, Walters said that one of his favorite artists is Herbie Hancock.
“He really brought a lot to the world of jazz,” Walters said.
Walters earned his undergraduate degree in Music Education from Ball State University and then went on to earn his Masters in Music in Composition from Butler.
Walters said he is proud of his final project, which can be purchased on iTunes, at Indy CD and Vinyl or online at
“Of course, you don’t have to go any of those places,” Walters said. “I’m always willing to sell out of the office to anyone who would like it.”
Walters will be performing at the Eidson-Duckwall Recital Hall as part of the Faculty Artist Series on Oct. 5 at 7:30 p.m. The event is free to the public.
He will also be performing at the Jazz Kitchen on College Ave. on Oct. 23.


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