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Flu shots required for all students this year

Flu shots required for all students this year

All Butler students are required to get a flu shot to help avoid overwhelming the local healthcare system. Shots were provided on campus and can be found at multiple locations near campus for those who have not yet received one.

Butler battles flu

Flu season is in its prime, and Butler Health Services wants students to be prepared and aware of symptoms to prevent an on-campus outbreak. On Jan. 15, a school-wide Butler student announcement was sent out via email with tips on how to stay healthy, prevent the flu and recognize symptoms of the virus. “I’ve actually

Outbreak of meningitis reminds students to stay healthy

A recent outbreak of fungal meningitis has taken the lives of 25 people around the country.  Although it has not affected Butler University students, the outbreak should remind students to stay healthy during the winter months. Officials have shut down three pharmacies after discovering unsanitary conditions where steroids meant to be injected directly into patients’