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Big games debut in October

Guns, guitars and lightsabers—the month of October is offering up some big-name titles. Check out a handful of video games that warrant major attention this month. Medal of Honor—Oct. 12 The classic first-person shooter franchise is crossing over into the modern era on Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and the PC. Taking a page from the

Countdown to ‘Reach’: Classic ‘Halo’ franchise turns back the clock for prequel

Alien spacecraft bombard a fragile planet with energy cannons. Their troops on the ground threaten to extinguish all human life. It sounds like typical science fiction, but when the new first-person-shooter “Halo Reach” ships on Sept. 14, it will be glorious. The storied “Halo” franchise, from producers Bungie and Microsoft, has been nothing less than