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OPINION | Change to Moodle is positive for students

If students and faculty take the time to noodle around with Moodle, they will see the change is beneficial. The biggest reason that I support the change to Moodle is because it is cheaper than Blackboard. Moodle costs significantly less than Blackboard,  said Julianne Miranda, senior director of academic technology. Being one who pinches pennies,

IT looks to increase information sharing

Butler University students will soon be more acquainted with Google programs when BUmail is linked with Google Apps later this spring. According to the Butler Information Technology website, Google Docs will be the first app fully supported through BUmail, but “most other apps (e.g. Sites, Blogger, YouTube, Google+, etc.) will be available for use at

Backing away from Blackboard

Nearly everything I have to read for my classes is posted on Blackboard. Whether I print the pages 10 minutes before class or two days before, finding them on the Web site was never a hassle—not until this year. The new configuration of Blackboard is confusing, as well as redundant, and has interfered with my