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Film Fanatics: Best movies for the eclipse

“Now on the other side of the solar eclipse, knowing that the apocalypse did not come, it is time to explore these cinematic interpretations of this fascinating phenomenon.”

Senior Sendoff: Making my mark

“I’d never written for a newspaper prior to college, and I didn’t think that would be something that would particularly interest me once in college. I spent my first two years of college without the Collegian and decided to join on a whim — thankfully it worked out.”

Senior Sendoff: Writing through life

“It felt like I had been pushed against the pavement and could not get back up. However, every Monday the Collegian was still there waiting for me.”

Culture’s rom-com faves

“Effortlessly mixing romantic and funny moments, these rom-coms are sure to be the perfect Valentine’s Day watch.”

Goodbye clean girl, hello mob wife

“The mob wife. Big hair, red lipstick, fur and animal print. She has long been a staple of TV and cinema, but now she has taken over the internet too.”

Culture’s fave TV throwbacks

“Why look for something new when there are so many great shows from the past? Read on to discover the Culture section’s favorite throwback TV shows.”