The Collegian Mini: 2/14/24

Graphic by Leah Ollie.


Try out the crossword by picking up the newspaper from around campus, printing it out or drawing on the image using your device, then scroll down to the bottom of this page for the answers.



1. Hugs and kisses

4. A romantic dinner might include this type of light

5. A physical expression of affection

8. The city that is widely known as “the city of love”

10. Bird known as a symbol of love and peace

11. Roman God of love, typically depicted with wings and a bow & arrow

12. Symbol of love



2. An expression of admiration or devotion

3. Typical candy exchanged on Valentine’s Day

6. A famous Shakespearean play about love

7. A bubbly drink used to celebrate

9. Traditional flowers that are given in a bouquet on Valentine’s Day

11. Colorful candies with messages like “Be Mine” and “Kiss Me”


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