Galentine’s Day Activities

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The beginning of February can spark either disdain or excitement, depending on the person. Valentine’s Day is a holiday that has divided people for generations. Often, those who do not have significant others wish the holiday were abolished entirely. It can feel isolating to be single on Valentine’s Day, especially being surrounded by symbols of love crowding every store and posts creeping their way onto social feeds. 

However, a new way of celebrating this romantic holiday has gained traction in recent years. On Feb. 13, Galentine’s Day focuses on female friendship and spreading the love that everyone deserves in a non-traditional way. Galentine’s Day does not serve to completely overwrite the traditional focus of Valentine’s Day. Rather, Galentine’s Day celebrations provide companionship to those who may feel left out by the holiday’s activities. There is no one way to celebrate Galentine’s Day -– everyone appreciates their friends in different ways. Grab some girlfriends and try out these Galentine’s Day activities. 

Cooking class 

They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend. However, there is an alternative that sits closer to home — and is more affordable — than diamonds. Food is an easier way to a girl’s heart. What better way to enjoy it than with the company of close friends? 

Anyone is a simple online search away from finding cooking classes nearby. Wear fun matching outfits to set the mood. White aprons, hands covered in flour and arms soon-to-be sore from beating mixtures by hand are all what makes it fun. It may be hard work, but the end product will be just as sweet as the time spent together. Heart-shaped pizzas are a popular food item to make for the holiday. 

Looking for a cheaper option than cooking classes? Try cooking with friends at home! Find recipes and cooking lessons online, or grab a cookbook. Make it a fun competition or collaborate to make a festive feast. 

Girls night out 

Sophomore criminology-psychology major Skylar Ashcraft shared her idea for a Galentine’s Day activity. Being Vice President of Membership Programming for her sorority means that these types of activities are her job, so they are important to her. 

Ashcraft shared the idea of dressing up and going out for some spontaneous fun. Elegant dresses and silky gloves can make for a fancy dining adventure. 

“Go out for a nice dinner,” Ashcraft said. “I know if you have a boyfriend, the stereotype is ‘take me out to a nice dinner.’” 

Ashcraft suggests flipping the narrative by going to a nice restaurant with one’s friends. Stories told over a candlelit dinner make for an enjoyable night — it will be a priceless memory to cherish for years to come. 

Maybe the girls aren’t hungry yet. That cooking class earlier in the day definitely had everyone stuffed. Ashcraft also suggested going to the arcade or a trampoline park, though the latter would not be recommended after a big meal. 

“Get your group of girlfriends and go out to SkyZone or go laser-tagging,” Ashcraft said. “Do something fun that night.” 

While it may seem cliché, Galentine’s Day is all about spending time with girlfriends when there is no occasion for Valentine’s Day. Arcades allow bonding through teamwork as everyone is working toward a common goal without even realizing it. When placed on the same laser tag team, friends can help each other win the game. Through these shared experiences, friends can feel closer to each other than they did before. Bonding is essential to strong friendships and shared experiences can forge an unbreakable bond like no other. 

Themed nights 

For some, perhaps the hassle of doing one’s hair and makeup in a strategic procedure so as to not interfere with the outfit is too much effort. Staying home and having a fun-themed night is another intimate way to spend Galentine’s. 

Invite some friends over and have a themed movie night. Each friend could make food or drinks related to the movie. Spend time going all out on a theme, enjoy the night and for further bonding help everyone clean up later. 


Shelby Thickstun, a first-year entrepreneurship and innovation and marketing double major, advised finding an aesthetic backdrop and doing a festive photoshoot. 

“We usually take pictures with a fun backdrop and try to make them look like ‘in-the-moment pictures,” Thickstun said. “Everyone likes taking pictures with their friends.” 

Even a small setup in a dorm is enough to create fun pictures that show off everyone’s good side. Get creative, make a fun backdrop and tell the girls to dress to match. For a simpler shoot, no backdrop is needed. Take fun Polaroids or just use a phone camera. Keep the photos to remember these fun nights with the girls for years to come. 

Spa day 

It’s easy to get lost in the hustle and bustle of life. Taking a day out of a busy schedule to sit back and relax is just what a girl group needs. Go to the spas, get massages and flaunt a new set of nails. A less costly option is to make a spa right at home. Manicures, face masks, hair styling and makeup can all be done comfortably from the desk in your dorm. 

Nanichi Signore-Flores, a first-year philosophy and religious studies double major, also stressed the importance of self-care. 

“[Galentine’s Day] means spending the day for yourself and prioritizing yourself,” Signore-Flores said. “Even if you have a partner for Valentine’s [Day], don’t forget the circle of friends you have too.” 

Indeed, the bond between girls is closer to a sisterhood. Galentine’s Day is another way to embrace the friendship between ladies. Really, any activity can be done for the night. What matters is that it’s done together. 


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