After the Buzzer: Men’s soccer vs. Ohio State

An intense game leads to a tough loss; Multimedia Editor Eva Hallman breaks down the game.


Welcome back to After the Buzzer where we recap the latest sports in Butler Athletics. I am here at Butler Men’s Soccer versus Ohio State and this this was a tough one after 90 minutes of competitive and compelling play. Unfortunately, the Bulldogs fell to the Buckeyes, one nil but it was not without any competition whatsoever. 

I’m gonna bring up some key things that happen in this match and what the Bulldogs are gonna have to work on for the next game. In terms of shots; Butler only had six shots, but all of them came fairly close to getting inside of the goal. While the Buckeyes had 19 shots with one of them being successful. 

There was lots of fouls in this game with two yellow cards. So it just shows the competitiveness and the intensity throughout this entire match. There are some notable players here at Butler’s goalie, Caleb Norris a redshirt senior. He had 10 saves out of all of those 19 shots he only let one in such an intense game that he played always keeping an eye on the ball and always doing some incredible safes along the way.

Speaking of intensity, it was not without the crowd’s intensity. There were lots of fans today that were from earlier from the home football game. The home opener and this was also Butler’s men’s soccer home opener of the season and also was against Ohio State. Which a lot of fans turned out to see. 

Also you could hear the booing you hear the crowds cheering but the next game that they have coming up is against Villanova. The first game for the Big East that they have got. If you want to catch the Bulldogs back in action here at the Sellick Bowl. 

You will be able to find them on September 23. That will be versus Marquette. Right now their record is 0-3-1 with the Bulldogs still pushing.

 We’re going to hear from the head coach and one of the players about how what they felt that they did well today and what they’re looking forward to for the game against Villanova.

 Just disappointed to lose because we had some quality chances and didn’t have as many shots as Ohio State. And there’s nothing you can do if you don’t score a goal. Yeah, we’re gonna have to regroup take some time. And then just find, you know, a way to try and get some quality in front of the goal. (SNAPE)

Yeah, yeah, I definitely. I definitely think we’re going to be stepping up into he’s, you know, like I said, we’re missing just a couple of things. I do not think that our record right now reflects how we are as a team, and I’m still confident going into the season. (VISSER)

Again, the intensity, it was no match and we’ll see the Bulldogs back in action here shortly. Reporting for After the Buzzer for the Butler Collegian. I’m Multimedia Editor Eva Hallman.



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