Butler Art Faculty display their work at the Art Faculty Show

The Faculty Art Show runs until March 17. Photos by Eli Kohn.

ELI KOHN | PHOTOGRAPHER | ekohn@butler.edu

Students and staff had the opportunity to attend the opening reception of the Faculty Art Show at the Jordan College Annex on Feb. 15. They were able to observe a variety of pieces made by many of the art professors. Multiple mediums were present in the gallery. Adjunct instructor Bekah Pollard showed stories with brushstrokes on her canvas. Associate professor Steve Nykas expressed vibrant emotion with chromogenic print in his “Decay” series. Adjunct instructor Jingo de la Rosa showed off various areas of Indianapolis in stills using ink and watercolor. These are just a few of many pieces that can be seen at the Faculty Art Show, open to the public through March 17. Some of the artwork is up for sale; the emails of the professors are displayed by their work in the gallery for inquiries.




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