Spring semester scheduling

Scheduling for the spring 2023 semester has begun. Photo by Paige Horsley.

TESSA FACKRELL | STAFF REPORTER | tfackrell@butler.edu 

Registration for classes began on Monday, Oct. 31 and runs through Thursday, Nov. 10. Students are in charge of registering for their classes, creating their schedules and troubleshooting if the classes they need fill up.

Students use their My.Butler student accounts to find which classes are offered and when. The website allows students to plan their schedule based on courses they have already taken and classes needed to fulfill their majors and other requirements, such as Core Curriculum credits. 

The website has what is called the “College Scheduler Planner,” which creates schedules based on classes students select, and compares them to find the classes that work best with their schedule. 

Students can also add “breaks” to their schedules, and if a student selects a class that interferes with their scheduled “break,” it won’t generate the schedule.


The website itself also has a tab that reads “Plan by My Requirements,” which allows students to visualize which classes, core requirements and other credits they still need to fulfill. It offers classes that would fulfill that requirement for them.

Kara Connelly, a senior strategic communication major, said she likes how Butler has students register for classes, and that the scheduler planner helps her plan her schedule. 

“I personally am a visual learner, so the college scheduler planner was really beneficial for me, as I was able to see how different classes would impact my day, and see everything laid out in front of me,” Connelly said.

If students don’t want to use the college scheduler planner on My.Butler, there is another option called Coursicle.

Students just have to type in the name of their institution, Butler, and the website is already linked to all of the classes, times and availability for the courses.

Coursicle creates a visual schedule for students to look at and refine to their scheduling needs. 

Once students learn how to use the website, and discover what method of class picking they prefer, they can schedule their classes in a way that works best for them. 

Sophomore biochemistry major Avery Waters uses Coursicle and the College Scheduler Planner to select her classes. 

“I usually start by just picking potential classes out using Coursicle and then from there go to the student center to put those into my shopping cart,” Waters said. “I then use the College Scheduler Planner from there. You can take the classes that you have in your shopping cart and visually see what your day could look like.” 

Students are required to meet with their advisors before registering for classes. Advisors are supposed to direct students to classes that help them complete their degrees and fulfill all of their requirements. 

“I can’t tell you how many emails I’ve sent to my advisors over the years, and they always are there to lend a hand, or even just an ear,” Connelly said. “You’re not alone, you don’t need to feel like you’re drowning and stressed out with planning, there’s always a resource on campus.”

Exploratory studies advisor Jen Mann said advisors can help students with navigating My.Butler, class scheduling and even going beyond their academic career at Butler.

“Your advisor can end up being one of your greatest advocates, your greatest resources and references as you go on to the next stage of your life whether that be professionally or with more school,” Mann said.

As scheduling continues and classes begin to fill up, students can use these resources to create a schedule that fits their academic needs.


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