Cartoons: Introducing Chip Scripple

Graphic by Tim Eterno.


Hello! My name is Tim Eterno, and I am the well-intentioned creator of Chip Scripple, a new comic strip that I have recently started illustrating for the Collegian. The newspaper comic is one of the most universal forms of storytelling; it has the opportunity to reach an audience of millions of people from a multitude of cultures. Comic strips tell stories and introduce us to characters that endear us while painting reflections of our own society. From “Peanuts,” to “Pogo,” to “Calvin and Hobbes,” they unite us through a distinct visual medium that’s unlike any other form of media. I believe there will always be a place for a good comic strip, as long as an audience is there to look, laugh and listen. 

Chip Scripple’s world is full of small injustices. While he could easily commentate on politics, sex and religion, he’d much rather philosophize about why he burnt his toast this morning. He’s not a hero, nor is he a villain. Chip is merely a poor fellow swept up in the anarchic chaos of modern-day living. Sometimes he wins, sometimes he loses, and oftentimes he’s somewhere in the middle. I hope you enjoy reading Chip Scripple’s escapades every week!


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