Two Butler alums join the Board of Trustees

Miskel and Greenlee will be joining the board of trustees. Photos courtesy of


The Butler Board of Trustees will welcome two new members, Chris Miskel and Andrew Greenlee, effective June 3, 2021. Miskel and Greenlee are both Butler alums and will serve three-year terms on the board. 

Kim DiCamilla, senior assistant to the president and board liaison, wrote in an email to The Butler Collegian that the Board of Trustees is the entity entrusted with the governance of the university. 

Some of their responsibilities include determining the mission of the institution in consultation with the university president, approving all educational programs and assessing the performance of the president. 

The board is made up of alumni, community and corporate leaders, who meet three times each year. DiCamilla wrote that the board’s executive and trustee governance committee recommends candidates for election or reelection to the board. A slate of candidates is presented to the full board 30 days in advance of the board meeting and during the meeting, the full board votes on a resolution that confirms the slate of candidates. 

Chris Miskel is president and CEO of Versiti, a non-profit organization that conducts blood research and serves patients in need of blood products, as well as organ and tissue transplants. He graduated from Butler in 1996 with a bachelor’s degree in accounting and was a three-year starter on the Butler men’s basketball team. Miskel is a member of the Lacy School of Business Dean’s Advisory Council. 

Miskel said Butler’s liberal arts education provided him with a broad base of experiences which help him with his critical thinking and decision making in the professional world. He said he was humbled when he was asked to join the board. 

Miskel said he felt like the timing was professionally right for him, and that accepting the position on the board was not a hard decision. 

“Butler is my first love, and I feel connected in every way possible at an emotional level,” Miskel said. “… I’ve always respected what President Danko has been doing with the university for the last 10 to 12 years. It’ll just be great to be a part of it. If it’s a volunteer role, it better be something that you love and there is nothing, besides my family, that I love more than Butler. So for me, it was an easy call.” 

Miskel said one of his goals during his time on the board is to continue using Butler athletics to expand the university’s reach nationally and globally. He said the strategy described in Graham Honaker’s book, “The Cinderella Strategy,” has proven successful. 

“Pulling students from across the country and across the world is a powerful thing to diversify the experience for those that are there, so understanding how that is working and if there are things we can do to continue to grow the brand, that would be something I’d love to help support and continue to grow,” Miskel said. 

Miskel said his management experience has helped him develop an understanding of how to motivate and inspire people around a purpose which will help him during his time on the board. He is also looking forward to learning from the other board members and seeing how they, as leaders, think and run their organizations. 

Miskel’s advice for current Butler students is to pause, reflect and enjoy every day. He said to take advantage of every opportunity, because once you enter the real world, you wish you could go back. 

“Sometimes, you’re in the race thinking it’s all about the destination,” Miskel said. “But, usually, you get out and you look back and you want no regrets around the things you experienced in those four years.” 

Miskel said the thing he misses most, and the experience he hopes all Butler students take advantage of, is the chance to watch a basketball game at Hinkle Fieldhouse on a Saturday afternoon. 

“I loved 2:00 p.m. basketball games on a Saturday with the sun coming through the side of the building and kind of hitting the floor, there’s nothing like it,” Miskel said. 

Andrew Greenlee will join the board at the same time as Miskel. He graduated from Butler in 1990 with a bachelor’s degree in marketing. Greenlee is the president and CEO of US Farathane, LLC, a private company that designs and manufactures plastic products. 

Greenlee said it is a great honor to be placed on the board. 

“I think so highly of the university, and over the last 10 to 15 years, I think it’s really become one of the top universities in the country,” Greenlee said. 

While on the board, Greenlee wants to continue supporting fundraising efforts and help promote inclusivity on campus. He said his international business and leadership experience will help him on the board. 

Greenlee’s advice to current college students is to take advantage of internships and try things outside of your comfort zone. 

“Just meet everybody you can in those four years just at Butler and outside of Butler,” Greenlee said. “And maximize contacts. I think that maximizes potential, ultimately.” 

Lauryn Lintner, a sophomore international business and marketing double major, said the passion Butler alums have for the university and helping current students has helped her secure internships and receive important advice during her time as a student. 

“I think having alumni ー LSB alumni ー serve on the Board of Trustees is special because they are not only an advocate for our community, but they’re an advocate for the community that they were once a part of,” Lintner said. “It’s a different community right now and a different environment and no two Butler students’ experiences are identical, but I think they are able to relate to us in a way and able to really speak for the student perspective and the overall Butler experience.”


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