Newly-inaugurated SGA president Maya Patel talks goals, vision

Maya Patel with SGA Chief Justice Alex Spanenberg. Patel was sworn in as SGA President on Sept. 29. Photo courtesy of Maya Patel. 



On Sept. 29, Maya Patel, the former executive vice president of the Student Government Association, was sworn in as the new SGA president. The former president, Stevie Sedlacko, vacated the position, according to an SGA press release.

Patel, a junior strategic communication major, said she wants to carry on Sedlacko’s mission and vision, which included authenticity, trust and engagement.

“I think he really has set this team up for success,” Patel said. “Yeah, I mean, we’re all going to miss him.” 

As she is assuming the presidency amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, Patel said she wants to promote mutual understanding and grace between SGA and the student body. She acknowledged that SGA is not perfect, but they are trying to emphasize clear communication. Patel said past SGA administrations have tried to be as transparent as possible, but that SGA is working to improve on that during these unique times. 

Patel also said she wants to expand SGA’s programming, as she has seen a general dip in student involvement this year. She said she wants to ensure that students feel connected to campus.

“We want to do things to make you guys feel like students and feel like coming to school this year was not a waste, because it’s not,” Patel said. “We’re happy you’re here. We’re happy you’re on campus [and] that we can do these things.”

Patel said SGA is working to give students the best experience possible amid current challenges and restrictions. Additionally, Patel gave credit to her team for their expertise, advice and judgement during the transitional period. 

Patel will nominate a new executive vice president at the SGA General Meeting on Oct. 7. 

The Butler Collegian will continue to follow this story as more information becomes available. 


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