Butler students’ top five favorite study spots around campus

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CODY ESTEP | STAFF REPORTER | cpestep@butler.edu

Moving from a high school curriculum to one of a collegiate level can be difficult — throw in a global pandemic and mandatory social distancing guidelines, and the perfect storm only grows. With the modified shelter-in-place order, students all over Butler’s campus were limited to very few study spaces outside of their rooms. It is easy to feel cooped up and bored in such unprecedented times, so here are a few beautiful places to spice up studying habits and escape that room.

Lacy School of Business building

This brand-new, beautiful building is not only reserved for business majors! Inside you will find state of the art classrooms and private study rooms, complete with both comfortable and aesthetic seating, and long tables with enough room for group projects and plenty of outlets. First-year finance major Graham Chen studies in the business building frequently.

“I love to study down at Lacy,” Chen said. “I wish I could have the whole building to myself.”

With the start of in-person classes, the business building can tend to grow very loud, however, there are private study rooms for students to escape any distractions. Personal study rooms also require students to follow all social distancing guidelines, so make sure to get down there early and claim your spot.

Irwin Library

Students looking for a quieter and more individualized study experience should look no further than the Irwin Library. The library provides a peaceful and tranquil space for students who prefer to study with minimal distractions. While the building is older and may have some odd sounds, it is perfect for a quick study session. 

There are also plenty of study rooms to be checked out for use by any Butler student, as well as communal tables and chairs organized to follow all social distancing guidelines, which are outfitted with tabletop privacy shields. The Irwin Library will ensure a distraction-free zone when studying there, and don’t forget to bring headphones to be considerate to other Irwin habitants.

The Atherton Mall

Study spaces aren’t only confined to the buildings on campus. There are plenty of beautiful lawns and paths across Butler University that are perfect for studying or some light reading. Atherton Mall is a crowd favorite. Students can be seen throughout all times of day leaning against the trees, laying in hammocks or even studying in the grass. Amelia Engle, a first-year arts administration major, said her favorite place on campus to study was the mall.

“I like to take a blanket and go out there when it’s nice out,” Engle said. 

Not too loud and not too quiet, the mall is a great way to get outside and enjoy the sun, while still getting some work done. Junior arts administration major Kieran Shay agrees with Engle. 

”I love hammocking on that mall,” Shay said.  

Shay said that the beautiful mall, only second to Lilly Hall, was her favorite place to get work on homework. There is plenty of space across the Atherton Mall, so grab a hammock or bring a soft blanket and enjoy the sun while it lasts.

Irvington House study rooms

Irvington House isn’t just for first years, as the building offers many study rooms amongst the dorm rooms. While these study rooms may not be as big or state of the art as the ones in the Lacy School of Business, they still pack quite a punch! Complete with padded seating and couches, along with a flat-screen TV, what more could a studying student ask for? These rooms are not only reserved for Irvington residents, but open to all students alike — and they’re perfect for studying alone or with a small group. These rooms do not have to be reserved, so be sure to head on down early before they are all filled up.

University campus Starbucks

The Starbucks on campus is a popular place among students to study and is conveniently placed right in the middle of campus. There are plenty of seats and personal tables both inside and outside, with many of the outside tables equipped with solar-powered outlets. Starbucks also provides the opportunity on campus to grab some food and a drink while preparing for your next test. It is a great place with plenty of background noise to sit and listen to the squirrels and birds as you work. It is one of the most well-liked study places around campus.


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