Dawgs with Style: Noah Thomas

Photos courtesy of Xan Korman. 

AIDEN SMITH | STAFF REPORTER | absmith2@butler.edu

Noah Thomas, a sophomore entrepreneurship and innovation major, has a style that departs from the typical college student’s. His sleek personal style is derived from his favorite artists, and Thomas expresses his passions through his clothing. Thomas talks with The Butler Collegian about his favorite pieces, places to shop and some things that you need in your closet as spring approaches.

Video by Alexis Wallman

The Butler Collegian: How would you describe your style?

Noah Thomas: I would say that it is very expressive of my personality. I feel that when I’m happy I am very outgoing and I try to express that in my clothing. Sleek but also fun and colorful.

TBC: What or who inspires your style the most?

NT: I really kind of look to Frank Ocean a lot and his style. I think the way he dresses matches his music. Also Timothée Chalamet, there are a lot of interesting things that he wears that I like. 

TBC: How has your style evolved into what it is today?

NT: I would say that I didn’t really care much for clothing or fashion, but my first year of high school I went to a Catholic school where we had uniforms, and it just felt so bad wearing the same thing every day. Later in high school when I got to choose what I wore I got more into it. 

TBC: What else are you interested in outside of school?

NT: When I’m home I like to go sailing up at our lake house. I like to travel and spend time with friends. 

TBC: How does your style stand out amongst the other students at Butler?

NT: I feel, especially with guys, there’s not a lot of variety on what people choose to wear. So I do not think that it takes much to stand out. I just think wearing different styles and different types of clothing just kind of makes me differentiate from other Butler students.


TBC: Where are some of your favorite places to buy clothes?

NT: I spend a lot of time at The Fashion Mall at Keystone and a lot of time at Urban Outfitters, Nordstrom, sometimes Saks. I also like vintage stores that I will go to to find unique things.

TBC: What are your three most prized possessions in your closet?

NT: I would say my Burberry trench coat, a pair of Gucci shoes that are really loud when I walk and I kind of love it, and this big furry coat that I just love to wear when it is cold. 

TBC: What is your favorite piece that you are wearing today?

NT: I love this jacket that I am wearing for the interview. I love the embroidery on it. 

TBC: What are some things everyone needs to buy before for the spring season?

NT: A good rain coat — it is the best thing on a rainy day that you can throw on and it is something that you love. I also really like a good pair of those vintage sneakers that are big and chunky. Also cool sweatshirts that you can just throw over your shoulder.