Letter to the editor: Bring back the Connection

Image courtesy of the Desmond Tutu Peace Lab’s Instagram. 

Dear Butler Community, 

We are reaching out to you to help bring back a slice of the Butler we once loved. The Butler Connection, a university-sponsored newsletter that promptly and efficiently informed students of events, clubs, meetings and life-changing opportunities, was replaced at the start of the 2019 Fall semester with the new Butler Today. We do not know how this decision came about, and we do not believe that it took into account student voice or the impact the Connection had on every member of our community.

Butler Today appears, at its core, to be a marketing tool, an accompaniment to the sparkling vision of Butler Beyond that perhaps serves more as a reiteration of news designed for alumni or prospective donors than as a resource for current students. It does not replace the important function played by the Connection. The ability to quickly and effectively advertise student, staff and faculty organized events was highly valued by each club and organization that populates this campus. Student life at Butler has suffered greatly from this twice a week “replacement.” 

We have seen firsthand that organizations and clubs on campus are losing members and are suffering from decreased turnout at events because their announcements are tucked away under news about the business building. We, the undersigned, believe the Butler Connection must be reinstated to give all students, especially those in their first year, the timely knowledge of events and opportunities which will vitally supplement their liberal arts education and prepare them for the future. 

Bring back the Connection. 


Cole McNamara CA, Alpha Phi Omega, & College Democrats

Dylin Eazell Residential Life

Jory Dattilo Residential Life

Natalie Urban Residential Life

Will Gigerich SGA, Volunteer Center, Butler Alt. Breaks

Michaela Ivory Black Student Union

Mackenzie McQueen DEIB, Alliance

LaTrese Robinson SGA, BSU

Marcos Navarro-Garcia Latinos Unidos, DEIB

Stephanie Onyeiwu SGA sorority senator 

Elizabeth Wang SGA

Maya Patel SGA

Reilly Simmons Desmond Tutu Peace Lab, DEIB, SJP, IFSA, Pi Sigma Alpha, CIC

Joe Killion Desmond Tutu Peace Lab, MUN, Alt Breaks

Tarryn Harris Desmond Tutu Peace Lab

Becky Rhodes Desmond Tutu Peace Lab

Cambria C. Khayat Desmond Tutu Peace Lab, Green Council, SJP, Eco Reps, Kappa Alpha Theta, BUSF, BASO, CRU, Younglife, MUN

Kiera Johns Desmond Tutu Peace lab, Green Council, German Club

Lydia Ochs College Democrats, Alpha Phi

Gracen Perdue Theta

Gabby Douglas Desmond Tutu Peace Lab

Maddie Zatezalo Alpha chi omega 

Maeve Murphy Tri Delta

Tamryn Gromley Tri Delta

Abigail Dunipace Tri Delta

Grace Lowe Alpha Phi

Vicki Turner Tri Delta

Meredith Buganski Alpha Phi

Layla Wisser DEIB, Tri Delta, Timmy Global Health

Madi Roberts PRSSA, Tri Delta

Tessa Roth Tri Delta, SSCA, Hillel

Abby Wild Kappa Alpha Theta, BASO, Club Sports Council, SABL

Julia Shein Tri Delta

Bri Becker Alpha Phi 

Laura White Tri Delta, Alpha Phi Omega, Student Honors Council, MarCom, Panhel

Julia Denkmann Tri Delta

Annika Vinje Tri Delta

Emily Eaton Tri Delta

Kylie Pfeifer Tri Delta

Maddy Wilson Alpha Phi

Giselle Flores Tri Delta, Butler Best Buddies, Alpha Phi Omega

Ashley Post Tri Delta, Butler Softball 

Maggie Slaughter Kappa, BIGS, AKPsi

Madison Seigworth Tri Delta, Butler Softball, SAAC

Kelli Brennan Tri Delta

Brittany Potts Tri Delta, BUSF 

Molly Nixon Theta

Karlye Sopczak Alpha Phi, Pre-Law Society, Butler Student Ambassadors

Natalie Simpson Alpha phi, Pre-PA Club

Gwen Valles Latinos Unidos, Diversity Ambassador, Tri Delta

Jenna kwolek Tri delta, ppeds

Zoya Barker Tri delta,DEMIA

Levi Elliott Beta

Bri Green Pi Phi

Savannah Mathers Delta Gamma

Christina Swider Delta Gamma

Connor Stevens Beta

Kayleah Ortiz Kappa 

Lauren Carrier Tri delta

Emily Schlorf Tri Delta

Maddie Bulkley Tri Delta

Sidney Hill-Kartel Alpha Phi, DEIB SGA, BASO, 

Haylie Hansen Alpha Phi

Jane Ramsay Theta, Relay for Life

Serena Panos Alpha Phi, Young Life

Maeve Murphy Tri Delta

Rachael Jacobs Alpha Phi

Lauryn Rees Alpha Phi, NSSLHA

Lauren Jouriles Alpha Phi, SGA

Austin Klawitter Desmond Tutu Peace Lab, Beta Theta Pi

Carli Domingos Alpha Phi, Panhellenic Exec Board, Pre-Law Society

Grace Wilson Alpha Phi

Mackenzie Knudson Tri Delta

Taylor Lalevee Tri Delta, NSSLHA, UMSM,BU Volunteer Center

Julissa Collazo Residence Life

MB Apker Alpha Chi Omega

Molly Edwards Tri Delta

Marissa Miki Alpha Phi, Alpha Kappa Psi

Sydney Trainor Alpha Phi, Butler Cheerleading

Hannah Willmore Alpha Phi

Hayden Marshall Desmond Tutu Peace Lab, Butler Chorale, Delta Tau Delta

Lydia Frentsos Kappa Alpha Theta, BASO Exec

Claire Mastrandrea Tri Delta, Actuarial Science Club, Butler Swimming, Women 

Leading Tomorrow, Gamma Iota Sigma

Emma Gifford DEIB, LWT, Desmond Tutu Peace Lab

Ben Martella DEIB, Delta Tau Delta 

Brooke Allen Pi Beta Phi, Phi Delta Chi

Katie Keller Tri Delta, BUSF, Pre-PA Club, HOSA

Connor White Delta Tau Delta

Tyler Kennedy Sigma Nu, Kappa Psi

Taylor Dickerson SGA Senate, Dawgs Vote, Green Council

Billy Psarros Delta Tau Delta

Jacob House Delta Tau Delta

Jack Boetscher Delta Tau Delta

Molly Beier Alpha Phi, Wishmakers on Campus

Cole Mackey Delta Tau Delta, AMCP

Marla Berggoetz Desmond Tutu Peace Lab

Clay Stoffel Delta Tau Delta 

Jack Miller Delta Tau Delta

Bobby Gjorseski Delta Tau Delta

Dom Stornant Delta Tau Delta

Ana Miramontes Latinos Unidos

Sierra Purcell Tri Delta 

Claire Hickey Tri Delta, women’s club basketball 

Carly Collins Tri Delta, Phi Eta Sigma

Noelle Grabowski Tri Delta

Alice Moore Tri Delta, Biology Club, Alpha Kappa Psi

Courtney Cash Tri Delta

Julianna Neuger Tri Delta, Hillel

Pyper McDowell Tri Delta

Anushay Ansari Alpha Chi, Morton Finney Scholar

Elizabeth Small Alpha Chi, Best Buddies, Council for Exceptional Children, Dawg Pound Exec

Sophia Hrycak Tri Delta

Sam Nakis Tri delta, sga marcom

Elly Fieffer Tri Delta, BUDM

Emily Holdeman Tri Delta

Kelly Tran DEIB SGA, Phi Delta Chi

Meagan Murphy Tri Delta, BUDM

Sawyer Buck Delta Tau Delta, College Mentors

Sophie Kleyla Tri Delta

Parker Hiday Tri Delta, chemistry club, biology club, LAS club

Abby Meredith Res Life, Kappa Alpha Theta, Panhellenic Exectuive Council

Jake Skolak Delta Tau Delta

Kody Ross Delta Tau Delta

Alexander J Louis Delta Tau Delta

Mason MacDonald Delta Tau Delta

Nathan Dill Butler Baseball, Delta Tau Delta, BUDM, BWLI

Jem Joyce Tri Delta

Lauren Varvir Butler Alternative Breaks

Drew Berr Lacy Scholars

Rachel Jennings Tri Delta

Brooke Blevins Volunteer Center, Alpha Chi Omega, Butler Alternative Breaks, BITS

Rebecca Levin Pi Beta Phi, BCAS, Hillel

Victoria Combs Dawgs Vote, Green Council, Kapp Alpha Theta, SGA, College Democrats, Desmond Tutu Peace Lab 

Jarrod Koester Green Council, Sigma Nu

Megan Skoog Women’s Golf Team & Cru

Maddy Jensen Cru, BSA,  BUSF

Alyssa Johnson Cru, BSA, BUSF, SABL

Lauren Lippert BU PAVE, Delight

Jenna Nosek MSA, Tri Delta, Classics Club, SASA, Biology Club, Honors Program, APO

Caroline Diehl Kappa Alpha Theta, CRU, College Mentors

Jacob Robleski Cru, College Mentors for Kids, SABL

Clara Bihn Tri Delta

Tatum Turner

Michael Ackley Club Swimming 

Brian Modelski Beta Theta Pi, KDP

Hellen Kyler Tri Delta, Be the Voice, Latinos Unidos

Jeremy Cleary Delta Tau Delta

Zac Lantz Delta Tau Delta, Club Ski/Snowboard, Human Movement Club

Ryan Dunn Delta Tau Delta

Brandon Gansell Delta Tau Delta, Gamma Iota Sigma, Butler BIGS, Men’s Club Volleyball

Reagan Wohlford Volunteer Center, Dawgs Serving Dogs, BITS, Biology Club

Jordan Mantor Delta Tau Delta

Avery Roe American Sign Language Club

Anna Watson Alpha Phi, Green Council, BUDM

Hannah Hurt Kappa Kappa Gamma, Green Council, Food Recovery Network

Austin Cronin Climing Club, Stencil, German Club

Lauren Schmidt Alpha Phi, Phi Delta Chi

Mollie Flook Kappa Alpha Theta, BUSF

Megan Lilly Kappa Alpha Theta, Lacy Scholars

Lucy Chidester Kappa Alpha Theta, Butler Student Ambassadors

Sarah Salih Kappa Alpha Theta

Christian Pareja Sigma Nu, SGA, BUDM

Josh Ford Cru, Phi Delta Chi, Butler wishmakers, christian healthcare providers

McKensie Hagen Alpha Phi, Phi Delta Chi

John Frantz SGA

Hank Dalle-Molle

Kaela Horan

Liam O’Connor  SGA MarCom

Kassandra Burchett Volunteer Center, Club Bass Fishing

Evan Preusse Sigma Nu, BUSF, BUDM, FAB

Luke Haas Beta Theta Pi, SOG, Club Crew, Butler Catholic Comminity

Brady Neitzel Beta Theta Pi

Alex Brinkman Alpha Chi Omega, Dawg Pound Exec

Kaitlin Wietecha Dawgs Serving Dogs President, AKPsi, Phi Eta Sigma

Lucas Rhodes Butler Cycling Club

Kyle Schwartz Beta Theta Pi

Katie Crouse Grace Unlimited, Butler Catholic Community 

Allie Rosati AKPsi

Kaitlyn Schindler Alpha Chi Omega, German Klub, food recovery network

Dacia Charlesworth Director, Undergraduate Research & Prestigious Scholarships

Haley Cowart Kappa Alpha Theta, CUES

Jimmy Lustig Beta Theta Pi, Colleges Against Cancer

David McComb Beta Theta Pi

Alex McGrath Mu Phi Epsilon, Butler Esports, Grace Unlimited

Ryan Dyball Sigma Chi, Club hockey

Erika Olsen BUDM, SGA Senate, Alpha Chi Omega

Emily Erickson Kappa Alpha Theta, SABL, BUSF, Blue Key Honor Society, Dawgs to Dawgs

Mike Lee SGA MarCOM, Indy Blue Video, CRU

Jasmine Le Pi beta phi 

Abi Hopkins Tri Delta

Brian O’Loughlin Beta theta pi, BUSF, BASO

Emma Morton Delta Gamma, BU Student Ambassador

Roua Daas SGA, SJP

Madelyn Sanders Pi Beta Pho

Molly McBean Alpha Chi Omega, BSA, BASO, Best Buddies

Zach Spande Beta Theta Pi

Sydney Kastelitz Alpha Phi, BASO, Nora’s Neighbors, Pre-Dental Club

Aryn Stahl CRU, Engineering Dual Degree Club

Kelsea Zitt Tri Delta, Dawgs Servings Dawgs, Chaarg

Nora Byrne Lacrosse 

Erin Siechen BSH, Dawg Pound Exec

Mae McCarthy Kappa Alpha Theta, BUSF, SGA MarCom

Amanda Hoelzel Dawgs Serving Dogs

Matthew Hu

Katie Thompson Kappa Alpha Theta, Phi Eta Sigma, College Mentors For Kids

Patrick White Beta Theta Pi, College Republicans 

Grant Emrick Sigma Nu and IFC

Hailey Radakovitz Kappa Alpha Theta

Lauren Hunter Alpha Chi Omega, Dawg Pound Exec

Rebecca DeGrazia Academic Affairs (staff)

Connor Stevens Beta Theta Pi

Ashley Altman SJP

Avery Schott Desmond Tutu Peace Lab

Natalie Slauter Kappa Alpha Theta, BASO, Cru

Colleen Kirby Kappa Alpha Theta

Catherine Bain Alpha Chi Omega

Hanako Gavia Center for Citizenship and Community (non-student, Staff)

Matt Boucher Phi Delta Theta

Mary Duffer Academic Program Coordinator, Academic Orientation Programs (staff)

Madison Unger CCC

Mackenzie Swanson

Alex Kuhn Phi Delta Theta, LAS College Ambassadors, Gamma Iota Sigma

Cindy Smith College of Education

Erica Sommerfeld Alpha Chi Omega, Actuarial Science Club President

Collin Cahill Beta Theta Pi, Cheer team member, SOG

Gianna Kujawski Student Disability Services – Accommodations Specialist

Fran Hudson Kappa Kappa Psi, BUWE, SOG, College Mentors

Debbie Jones Student Disability Services – Accommodations Specialist

Cheri Prather Center for Academic Success & Exploration/Student Disability Services – Administrative Specialist

Alison Walton COPHS (faculty) 

Susan Morton COPHS staff

Betsy Schmidt COPHS faculty

Chris Roman COPHS faculty

Kalie Miles Kappa Alpha Theta, BUSF, SGA, Phi Eta Sigma

Anna Bradley Cru

Adam Sarno Beta Theta Pi, Investment Club

Amelia Wright Kappa Alpha Theta, Freshly Brewed, College Mentors 

Kayla Johnson Residence Life

Charlie Griswold College Mentors, Lacy Scholars, Ball So Hard Basketball Tournament, Butler BIGS

Sarika Dev Kappa Kappa Gamma, SGA Programming Board, Butler Student Ambassador

Maddy Kline Tri Delta 

Carolyn Mellema Lacy Scholars, Alpha Kappa Psi, Butler FMA

Julia North Kappa Alpha Theta, SGA Senate

Chloe Meredith Demia, Her Campus

Dena Roberts Staff

Emily Halcomb Kappa alpha theta

Libbie Rammage Honors Program, Student Honors Council, Kappa Alpha Theta, 

Butler Student Ambassador, SOG

Karen Corby COPHS

Madison Murphy Tri Delta 

Jenn Guthrie COPHS Faculty

Sarah Galbreath Pi Phi

Ben Jamison SABL, BUSF

Erica Walters Alpha Chi Omega, FAB

Grace Hart Green Council, Alphi Phi Omega

Maya Peterson Pi phi, Alpha Phi Omega, Be the voice

Kyla Maloney Kappa Psi, Residence Life

Natalie Carter LAS Faculty

Kam Weese Alpha Chi Omega

Ken Shiozawa Beta Theta Pi 

Neil Bhatt SASA

Maggie Kieffer ACE, BFL

Jacqueline Stoltz

Ana Eichner Green Council, Leading Women of Tomorrow, Kappa Alpha Theta

Angie Neddeau Kappa Alpha Theta, Kappa Psi Pharmacy Fraternity, Circle K 

Volunteer Club, Phi Eta Sigma Honors Society

Jackson Widlic Sigma Nu

Caroline Croner Theta

Alexa Renfro DEIB, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Morton Finney Scholar

Samm Totten BASO, Be the Voice, LAS Ambassadors, BAB

Daniela Cervantes Latinos Unidos, Multi-Cultural Mentor, Advocate for Community Engagement 

Emory Lietz Delta Tau Delta, Club Swimming

Marisa Villarreal DEIB

Jane Boone

Chad Bauman Faculty, SASA, Desmond Tutu Peace Lab

Mandy Hall Faculty, Phi Beta Kappa, Faculty Development Program

SJ Baker Center for Citizenship and Community (CCC)

Joel Martin Faculty, Department of Psychology

Kelly Kingston Theta

Dimitri Heath Residential Life 

Bo Boveroux

Kristi Defalque COPHS staff

Stacy McGaha COPHS staff

Ann Savage CCOM Faculty

Rena Duerksen LAS Staff

Jessie Wisniewski Kappa Alpha Theta

Carol Montgomery LAS Staff

Lynne A. Kvapil LAS Faculty

Matthew O’Hern

Bryce Andrew Borden Beta Theta Pi

Jessica McCormick EDDP, Academic Program Coordinator & Advisor

James F. McGrath Faculty Director of the Core Curriculum

Nermeen Mouftah LAS Faculty

Brent Hege LAS Faculty, CFV Scholar in Residence

Margo Whitehead APhA-ASP, Phi Delta Chi, Butler Catholic Community, Phi Lambda Sigma

Scott Kaschner Faculty, LAS

Sierra Mathews Career and a Professional Success, Event Coordinator

Laura Daily OIRA (non-student, staff)

Brian Day Faculty, Department of Psychology

Veronica Vernon Faculty, COPHS Department of Pharmacy Practice, Advisor for APhA-ASP

Chris Zeheralis Beta Theta Pi, Phi Delta Chi, Butler University Speech and Debate

Beth Hospodarsky Staff, COPHS, STEP committee

Cathy Holland COPHS

Sam Gurevitz Faculty, COPHS

Stephanie Enz Faculty, COPHS

Trish Devine Faculty, COPHS

Chloe Sandman Student, COPHS, APhA-ASP/PPEDS

Megan Martin Student, COPHS, Kappa Psi

Daniel Sturm Faculty, COPHS

Deborah Zeitlin Faculty, COPHS

Alec Neitzel Beta Theta Pi, pre-pa club

Andy Cassler Career Advisor, Career and Professional Success; advisor for Beta Theta Pi; also taking classes toward a BA in Philosophy & Religion

Andrew Spores

Eromo Aligbe BSU

Jack Goldstein Association of Computing Machinery, Beta Theta Pi

Carriann Smith Faculty COPHS

Heather Hazelwood Staff, Center for Academic Technology/COPHS

Melody Adkins Staff, COPHS

Kristen Allen Staff, Center for Academic Technology

Nick Wilson Staff, Center for Academic Technology

Tom Janke Staff, Center for Academic Technology

Kate Taube-Osborn COPHS

Sally Childs-Helton Library Faculty/Special Collections

Allison Chatterjee Staff, Academic Program Development and Innovation

Erin Vincent Staff, Academic Program Development and Innovation

Josh Petrusa Assoc. Dean, Libraries

Adam Crozier Bulldogs for Bernie, Association of Computing Machinery

Megan Grady-Rutledge Staff, Center for Academic Technology

Joel Atkinson Information Commons Librarian

Taylor Smith Operations

Elizabeth Richardson COPHS

Brandon Signorino Staff, Butler Libraries

Kim Beck Faculty COPHS

Audrey Marjamaa

Sheridan Stormes “Library Faculty/Libraries”

Robin L. Turner Faculty, Political Science  (LAS)

Daniel Meyers Staff, Center for Faith and Vocation

Nancy Everett Staff, Butler Libraries

Lisa Bennett Butler Libraries

Jane Gervasio Faculty COPHS

Olivia MacIsaac Staff, Butler University Libraries

Dorian Claire EDDP

Isaac Wall Phi Delta Theta, EDDC

Jennifer Zorn Faculty, COPHS

Amanda Beall Tri-Delta, EDDC, Society of Women Engineers, Women’s 

Engineering Network

Greg Shufeldt Faculty, Political Science  (LAS)

Mikaela Drake Faculty, COPHS

Ty Bickham Res Life

Shelby Mohr Kappa Kappa Gamma, Pre-Law society, Butler Student Ambassadors 

Chloe Gonterman Alpha Chi Omega, EDDC, Food Recovery Network

Jaylah DeGout Residence Life

Hannah Beaven Women’s Engineering Network, Best Buddies, LAS Ambassadors 

Christopher Bungard Philosophy, Religion, and Classics (LAS)

Alyssa Manges Phi Delta Chi 

Amy Peak Faculty, COPHS

Lori Fauquher

Terri Jett Faculty, Political Science (LAS), Faculty Fellow – Desmond Tutu 

Peace Lab, Special Assistant Provost Office

Amy Thompson Delta Gamma, SGA 

Eric Perry Athletics 

Siobhan McEvoy-Levy Faculty, Political Science/PACS(LAS), Director Desmond Tutu Peace Lab

Carla North Staff, Interdisciplinary

Clare Mueller Tri Delta

Gab Bodine Women’s lacrosse 

Karina Latsko Women’s lacrosse 

Anna Charron Kappa Alpha Theta

Sylvie Vanbaelen Modern Languages, Literatures & Cultures

Layla Barham SJP, SGA

Sera Shaughnessy Pi Phi

Juan Pablo Rodríguez Modern Languages, Literatures & Cultures

Rylee Kochersperger Be the Voice, PPEDS, and College Mentors 

Alex Quintanilla MLLC Chair

Xiaoqing Liu Faculty, MLLC

Audrey Maxwell College Mentors for Kids, Delight Ministries

Alex Kinstedt Kappa Kappa Psi, Engineering Dual Degree Club

David Quintanilla BUSF, Club Volleyball

Michelle Stigter Faculty, MLLC

Maeve McCormack Kappa Kappa Gamma

Liz Miller MLC tutor

Daria Eisenbrei Kappa Kappa Gamma

Ali Matta College Mentors for Kids, Kappa Alpha Theta

Matthew Holmes Lambda Chi Alpha

Nicholas Felder MLC tutor

Linda Willem Faculty, Dept. of Modern Languages, Literatures & Cultures

David Clark Phi Delta Theta, Out of the Dawg House

Dylan Paulsell Butler club hockey, Sigma Chi Rho Chapter 

Emi Smith BUSF, PRSSA, alpha phi, love your melon, butler student ambassador

Corinne Ebner Alliance, Secular Student Alliance

Kaitlyn Roberts Honors, Cru, Club Equestrian, Christian Healthcare Providers Organization

Jackie Jordan College Mentors for Kids, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Honors program

Jack Harris Sigma Nu, ski and snowboard club, and colleges against cancer

Garrett Davis Phi Delta Theta 

Karlie Hutchins BUDM

Genavieve Smith Collegian, The Writers’ Studio

Alex Colbert Club Tennis, accounting club

David Cruz Improv club

Nick Margol Lambda Chi Alpha

Su-Mei Ooi Faculty,Political Science

Farrah Goodall SGA Judicial Board, Philosophy Club

Elizabeth Jira Residence Life, SGA, Alpha Chi Omega

Cameron Jones Phi Delta Chi, Alpha Phi Omega, BAB, challenge course facilitator, volunteer center, pre-pharm club

Emily Hasik Butler Dance Team, Pre-Dental Club, Alpha Phi

Samantha Derby COPHS

Holden Hartle Speech Team, Butler Dems

Claire Shea Delta Delta Delta

Andrew Nesler Theta Tau

Olivia Klafta Women’s swimming, Kappa Kappa Gamma, The Collegian

Danny Schmiegel Club Men’s Lacrosse 

Rachel Counts APO, German Klub, Dawgs Vote, KDP

Savannah Owens BUDM, CRU

Emmie Takada College mentor for kids, club soccer, pre-dental club

Allison Welz KAO, CMK, Biology club, CHPO, YL

Bridget Early The Collegian, Alpha Chi, College Democrats

Sydney Benton Pi Beta Phi

Zachary Gossett The Collegian, College Democrats

Anna Petr Residence life, SGA, Pre-Law Society

Lilly Boehmer SGA

Irune del Rio Gabiola MLLC and GWSS faculty 

Emily Kacpura Alpha Chi Omega, BUSF

Emily Leonard Alpha Chi Omega, Timmy Global Health

Kristin Swenson, Ph.D. Professor, College of Communication

Beth Ann Ellingson Kappa Psi, Club Climbing

Nathan Carnes Phi eta Sigma, Men’s Club Volleyball, BUDM

Noah Ditzler Lambda Chi Alpha, Out of the Dawg House Acapella, Jordan Jazz

Charlotte Jordan Biology Club, dawgs serving dogs, true blue host

Maddi Eary Manuscripts, Dawgs Vote, Dawgs Serving Dogs, BU Dems, LWT

Hannah Luchinski Dawgs Serving Dawgs, Beach Volleyball Club

Sally Wagner ASL Club, Engineering Dual Degree club

Kristianna Henthorn Alpha Chi Omega

Grace Olsen Phi Eta Sigma, NSCS, BUSB, LAS Student

Melissa Etzler German Klub, FYS

Nina Baranyk Tri Delta, OCF

Brooke Beloso GWSS faculty

Claire Arick Kappa kappa gamma, SGA Senator  

Amy Essig College Mentors for Kids, ASL club, NSSLHA 

Jade Eitner College Mentors for Kids

Sara Abusnaneh Students for Justice in Palestine, MSA

Taylor Coleman SGC, Dance Club

Katie Stamatis SABL, AKPsi

Nicholas Gómez Phi Delta Theta, SGA Senate, Butler BIGS

Jasmine Dominguez-Torres Leading Women of Tomorrow, Latinos Unidos, Butler Democrats

Kylie Stine Alpha Phi, SGA MarComm, Blue Key, Butler Odyssey, PRSSA

Andrew Levy Faculty, English

Elise Edwards Faculty, History & Anthropology      

Ageeth Sluis Faculty, History & Anthropology 

Addie Kautz Pi phi

Amy Prather

Grace Jackson Alpha Chi Omega 

Sophie Magill Delta Gamma, College Mentors for Kids 

Devin Weeks Bust the Bubble

Maddy Watterson Kappa Kappa Gamma

Sydney Pattison Women’s Lacrosse

Nora Byrne Women’s Lacrosse

Malcolm Butler Butler Jazz Combo, Tiny House Quintet

Mohsin Waraich Muslim Student Association

Annekah Connolly SABL, Cheerleading

Allison Ledder AXO, Club soccer, SABL

Eile Woeltje Kappa Kappa Gamma

Kelsie Kasper Delta Gamma 

Maeve Wangler Delta Gamma 

Yzabel Tio Kappa Kappa Psi, Student Education Association

Jack Pitchford BUDM 

Andie Klarin Manuscripts, Schrott center for the arts staff

Abby Sisson Writer’s Studio, Club Basketball

Maya Joseph Freshly Brewed, SASA

Kathleen McConnaghy SGA, BUBeWell, Alpha Chi Omega

Lilly Springer Kappa Kappa Psi

Carli Bruggemeier Kappa Psi

Natalie Kuipers Kappa Psi

Olivia Lighty American Sign Language Club, NSSHLA, BU Dance Marathon

Shannon Binkowski Alpha Chi Omega

Ameen Kapadia Butler Muslim Student Association 

Katie Slywka Alpha Chi Omega, NSSLHA, ASL Club, Women’s Club Lacrosse

Maura Ross Tau Beta Sigma alumn, Mu Phi Epsilon alumn, Delta Alpha Pi, Green Council 

Louise Irpino Delta Alpha Pi, Alliance, BU Improv

Anis Tai Kappa Psi, MSA

Lee Garver Faculty, English

Amelia Wilkemeyer Delta Gamma

Morgan Buckley Alpha Chi Omega, CHAARG

Grace Gordon American Sign Language Club, BU improv

Maddie Jirgal Kappa Kappa Gamma, Butler Intramurals

Madeline Lorch Alpha Chi Omega, DEIB

Erin Neis Delta Gamma

Elizabeth Labovitz Butler Ballet, Sigma Rho Delta

Emily Wray Her Campus, BUDM

Xiangyu Wang Phi Eta Sigma, NSCS, Intramurals

Caroline Hardesty Alpha Chi Omega 

Ania Spyra Faculty, English

Kacey Mullens Club crew, writers studio staff, international diversity ambassador

Brittany Head Pi Beta Phi, Panhellenic Association Exec Board, Cru, Order of Omega

Olivia Herrmann Club Volleyball, Butler Catholic Community, SEA

Kelly Helmer Alpha Chi Omega, College Mentors, Chaarg

Susan Neville Faculty, English

Cal Ormanovich Theta Tau, Cru

Emma Hawn Alpha Phi Omega

Gabby Goeke EDDC

Olivia Marunde CFV, CLCC, Meditation Group

Emily Thomas Alpha Chi Omega, ASL Club

Zayna Salih Kappa Alpha Theta, SABL, D&I Task Force

Stevie Sedlacko SGA, YL, CMFK, BCC, 

Grant Erickson Beta Theta Pi

Jack Ciesla Beta Theta Pi, Phi Delta Chi,

Thulani Smith Beta Theta Pi

Nick Kuster Beta Theta Pi

Michael Thomas Delta Tau Delta

Andrew Gebken

Jake Gerard Beta Theta Pi, Dawgs Serving Dogs

Priyanka Patel Student, COPHS, APhA, PPEDS 

Huda Mahmood Biology Club, MSA

Fait Muedini Faculty, International Studies

Holly Zimbelman Staff, LAS

Marguerite Stanciu Staff, CFV

Margaret Brabant Faculty, Political Science & PACS

Julia Bluhm CFV

Nate Hillebrand Cru, Advocates for Autism, Residence Life (CA), Butler Intramurals

Courtney Mohler Faculty, Theatre

Sarah Painitz Faculty, MLLC

MaryKatherine Klaybor Pi Beta Phi, Be the Voice

Anne Minnich-Beck Staff, English

Vivian Deno Faculty, Dept. of History & Anthropology 

Brynnar Swenson Faculty, Dept. of English

Jennifer Griggs Staff, Academic Affairs


As of Dec. 9, 11:59 p.m.



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