The stories behind Butler baseball and softball’s walk-up songs

Madi Christiansen in the on-deck circle. Jimmy Lafakis/Collegian file photo. 


There’s a lot of pressure that goes into picking the right walk-up song. The Collegian reached out to several baseball and softball players to learn about how they get their mojo before stepping up to the plate. Here’s the stories behind the music.


Sophomore infielder Andy Bennett:

Song: Red Room

Artist: Offset

“This song helps me stay loose when I get into the batter’s box. One thing in particular that I like about the song is that my walk up starts with ‘I came with the drip, I need a napkin.’ I like that part because drip is an important part of baseball. If you look good, you play good. My walk-up song is very important to me, and I felt that ‘Red Room’ was the perfect fit this year.”

Junior outfielder Harrison Freed:

Song: X

Artists: Kendrick Lamar, ScHoolboy Q, 2 Chainz, Saudi

“I chose this song for this year because it is a song that gets me pumped up before anything I do. I usually listen to it before workouts and games. I heard it this summer while playing baseball in Wisconsin, and I thought that I would bring it back with me to school.”

Redshirt junior catcher Zach Parker:

Song: Relationship

Artists: Young Thug ft. Future

“I selected ‘Relationship’ because it is my favorite song. Some of my best memories at Butler are jamming to that song with the windows down in my buddy Sam Russo’s car. Hearing that song relaxes me and puts me in my happy place. I don’t listen to a lot of Young Thug, but this song is up my alley.”

Junior catcher Duncan Hewitt:

Song: Vouch

Artist: Kevin Gates

“My walk-up songs are always songs that have personal meaning. I have a connection to the lyrics. My favorite artist is Kevin Gates, and I connect with him the most. Naturally, most of my walk-up songs come from his music. I chose ‘Vouch’ because to me, it’s all about blocking out outside noise and knowing who you have behind you. It’s a reminder that no matter what people say, I’ve got my real ones with me and they will vouch for me.”

Junior infielder Brody McGrath:

Song: Night Job

Artist: Bas ft. J. Cole

“I liked the beat drop and flow of the song for walk-up purposes. I don’t know why, but this song has always pumped me up and got my mind right. I heard it a couple of years ago, and it has always stuck with me as a go-to song to get me ready. Plus, who doesn’t love J. Cole?”

Sophomore outfielder James Gargano:

Song: Nonstop

Artist: Drake

“When I hear the lyrics, I feel like I am going to win the battle against the pitcher, without a doubt. I knew it would be my walk-up song as soon as it came out last summer. Walk-up songs are all about what gives you confidence and gets you in the zone. That’s exactly what this song does for me.”

Junior middle infielder Zach Jarosz:

Song: Drifter

Artist: Hippie Sabotage

“I chose this song because it is driven by a guitar riff with a nice bassline. I have always been a huge fan of guitar and love the way it sounds. For me, this song is pretty laid-back and chill. It puts me in a good mood to hit, but at the same time it is uplifting.”


Freshman infielder/pitcher Karli Ricketts:

Song: Swag Surfin’

Artist: F.L.Y.

“It was always the ‘hype’ song at my high school. They would always play it before football games, and everyone got excited. Ever since high school, I got excited when I heard the song. I thought it would be a good song to get me ready to approach the plate. I chose mine as soon as we had the opportunity to, because I knew this would be it. It was also my walk-up song for senior year of high school when we won state. I thought it would be good to carry on the tradition.”

Sophomore infielder Maddie Moore:

Song: Get Silly

Artist: V.I.C.

“Before I go up to bat and hear that song, I just start nodding my head to the beat. I also chose this song because I am naturally a goofy person who likes to have a fun time. I think whenever my teammates hear it, they sing along, and it has this way of making everyone rowdy.”

Senior outfielder Jenna Foreman:

Song: Diva

Artist: Beyoncé

“I used to listen to it in high school before basketball and softball games. It would always pump me up so well. It kind of makes me feel rough and tough. I love the line where she says ‘A diva is a female version of a hustler’ because it makes me feel empowered. I also can be kind of a diva at times, so I think it fits me well.”

Senior catcher Sammy Andersen:

Song: Wired to the T

Artist: Dorrough

“When choosing a walk-up song, I tend to pick older songs that currently aren’t on the radio so it doesn’t get overplayed and lose its effect. Like most players, I listen to a playlist of songs before every game. ‘Wired to the T’ is one of the songs on my playlist that always gets me game-ready. It’s a song that boosts my confidence and gives me a little swagger before I step into the batter’s box.”

Junior infielder Madi Christiansen:

Song: Pour It Up

Artist: Rihanna

“I went with Rihanna my freshman and sophomore years, so I felt like I had to continue with the tradition. I always have to choose a song that I can sing along to. It helps me focus and clear my head before an at-bat. This song also hypes my teammates up, which gets me so excited because I know we are all into it. It also gives me confidence and makes me feel like I intimidate the other team, which makes me feel like I’ve already won half the battle. Also, the song is a straight-up banger.”

Junior outfielder Alyssa Garcia:

Song: Taki Taki

Artist: DJ Snake, Selena Gomez, Ozuna Cardi B

“I was looking for something fun and upbeat this year. I wanted to incorporate some Spanish flair into the song to represent my Mexican roots. I could have chosen any Spanish-English hybrid, but Takis are also my favorite snack. So it was a no-brainer.”

Junior outfielder Payton Longest:

Song: Get Off

Artist: ZO (Lonzo Ball)

“I picked ‘Get Off’ because it was hype and makes me want to dance. I had never heard it until the day walk-up songs started getting sent in. It just instantly clicked. I love the beat, and it makes me laugh as I go up to hit.”


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