Butler University applies for alcohol permit for Hinkle Fieldhouse

ZACH HORRALL | DIGITAL EDITOR | zhorrall@butler.edu

Butler University has applied for an alcohol permit for Hinkle Fieldhouse with the hopes of selling alcohol at select sporting events starting this basketball season.

A permit was posted on the doors of Hinkle Fieldhouse around noon today, and it is a public notice. The permit is to acknowledge that Hinkle Fieldhouse is in the process of getting an alcohol permit, and it is a notice for a public hearing.

The public notice for Hinkle Fieldhouse’s application for an alcohol permit posted on the doors of Hinkle Fieldhouse. Photo by Zach Horrall

A public hearing will be held in downtown Indianapolis on Sept. 18 at the City-County Council building in room 260 at 9:30 a.m. There, the public can express its opinion on if Hinkle Fieldhouse should have a permit, as well as the regulations surrounding the permit, including how many events alcohol will be served, what specific events and if a time limit will be imposed on the sales.

From there, a committee will make a recommendation to a city/county entity, and then it will go to the state for approval.

A university spokesman said it is possible to have the permit approved and ready for use by the time basketball season rolls around.

The spokesman said this has been in the works for some time and was a collective decision by the university, not one individual person.

Currently, Aramark, who provides food services for the university, does have an alcohol permit. However, Hinkle Fieldhouse itself does not have a permit to sell alcohol out of its building to the public.

In a statement, Butler Vice President and Director of Athletics Barry Collier said the university has applied for an alcohol permit with the goal of selling alcoholic beverages specifically at basketball games.

“It is our intent to offer alcoholic beverages for purchase at the concession areas of our basketball games,” the statement read. “Butler has communicated this plan to those who live near campus and the permit application has been supported by the Butler Tarkington Neighborhood Association. Butler is committed to maintaining the exciting and positive gameday experience that our fans and their families enjoy for all contests that take place on our campus.”


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