Students in first-year and sophomore housing must move out by May 3


Students living in Fairview House, ResCo and Ross Hall dormitories must be off campus by May 3 at noon. If students have a final before the last day, they are required to move out within 24 hours of their last exam.

Students can request late stay if attending summer school, participating in track, softball or baseball with approval from the coach, or they have an “extreme extenuating circumstance.”

The last day to submit a late stay request is April 23.

Karla Cunningham, director of residence life, said in an email the timing in necessary.

“The halls need to be closed so that they can be cleaned and prepared for summer school and the summer conference operation,” she said.

Students enrolled in summer school can stay in ResCo beginning May 8. The university offers Fairview, ResCo and Ross for on- and off-campus groups that host conferences and camps over the summer. This summer conference operation begins May 29.

Cunningham did not clarify what counts as an “extreme extenuating circumstance.”

In cases of “extreme extenuating circumstances,” the parents or guardian of the student will be called to confirm the situation.

In the email sent to Fairview residents concerning the hall closing, residence life coordinator Jill Jungemann said, “No travel requests will be accepted except for extreme extenuating circumstances.”

It was not made clear what a “travel request” is.

Noah Cross, a junior chemistry and science, technology and society double major, is a resident assistant at Fairview.

Cross said he is not sure what a “travel request” is but as for an “extreme extenuating circumstance,” he knows Jill will be understanding.

“If your parents can’t get here, or if you don’t have a car or something of that nature, then you would get late stay as well,” Cross said.

If students experience travel concerns, Cunningham said they “need to reply to the emails they have received from the Residence Life Coordinator of the building.”

Leo Martin, a first-year computer science and finance double major, will be moving without the help of his parents.

Martin is from St. Louis, Missouri, which is four-hour drive from Butler University.

“There’s no way my parents could come in the middle of the week on a Wednesday and get me,” Martin said. He will have to move out on his own to make the May 3 deadline.

Martin said he is lucky to have a car on campus, but it is not possible to fit all his personal belongings. So, he keeps a storage unit year-round.

Throughout the school year, Martin operates his own DJ business and keeps the equipment in the storage unit. Over the summer, he will take the DJ equipment home and leave any unnecessary belongings.

“It’ll be tricky,” Martin said. “I haven’t done it before, so we’ll see. I’ll try to make an inventory, I guess, to keep track what I need to bring home with me. It’ll be weird switching the amount of stuff all at once.”

Martin said he will have to be careful not to accidentally leave anything he might need over the summer.

Martin’s last final is May 2. He will have to swap everything in the storage unit and leave by the next day.

“It’s going to be tricky to figure everything out in those 12 hours and then get out of here,” Martin said. “I think it’s pretty tight. I guess they don’t want to watch us without classes and things to do. It is really close to the last final.”

Martin said he is trying to take his final earlier so he does not have to “be driving all over the place” in such little time.

C.J. Koch, a sophomore chemistry major and RA in ResCo, said Cinco de Mayo is another reason for the deadline being so close to the end of finals.

Koch said in the past, a lot of students requested late-stays to celebrate Cinco de Mayo, which is on May 5.

“They’re trying to make it seem like [late-stays] are for graduation or if you’re in a pinch and really need it to be later,” Koch said.

In his own experience, Koch said ResLife has been flexible with him, especially when he needed to stay late for RA training last summer.

“One of the things I mention to my unit is to communicate with me, because if I don’t know anything that’s going on, then I can’t help you,” Koch said. “So if you need my help, if you can’t do that [May 3], talk to me.”

As for what counts as an “extreme extenuating circumstance,” Koch said it depends on the res life coordinator.

“One of the big things is getting proof that your parents literally cannot come that Wednesday or when you’re done with finals,” Koch said. “I can’t speak for all RLCs because I’m not them, but that’s what I would say.”

To move out by May 3, students must arrange plans, or, if they need to stay later, students must apply for late stay by April 23.