Making the most out of your last month

Cartoon by Gordon Johnson


You are probably as clueless as I am as to where the year has gone.  If you are wondering what to do with your fleeting days at Butler, maybe this could help.


To me, the worst thing about the transition from being a senior in high school to a first year in college is the huge punch in the face you receive from exams, projects, time commitments and overall rigor that college classes entail after spending the last four months in high school classes daydreaming of graduating, becoming a Bulldog, etc.

One thing I believe is that it’s not how you start something, but how you finish. By that, I mean you will probably feel better about how you did this year when it came to your school work if you buckle down for these last few weeks.  You will also be more likely to forgive yourself for all the times you were up until 3:00 a.m. watching “Friends” instead of studying.

Go outside

Hopefully we will not have any more cold weather and the flowers will continue to blossom.  Instead of procrastinating your final projects and studying via Netflix, go down to Holcomb Gardens or spend some time on the Mall.

Going for a run down the White River or a walk through the IMA’s 100-acre sculpture park are very refreshing activities if you are tired of staring at notes.

Raid C-Club

You can never have too much ramen. If you were good this semester and the flex dollars on your receipts are still three figures, be nice and provide for your friends who had too much Starbucks this semester or go on a little shopping spree so you are stocked up.

If you are already out of flex dollars, hope your friends are feeling charitable.  If you leave Butler with any flex dollars left, shame on you.  

Work/Save up

Having money is fun. Simple as that. If you find yourself with an unusual amount of free time, it may not hurt to try and pick up shifts if you have a job. You may find yourself happy that you took those extra hours and saved up come summertime.

Or don’t

The only thing as fun as having money is spending money.  A trip to downtown Indy or Broad Ripple for dinner with friends would be a fun thing to do before going back home for a couple months.

Find out what your friends are up to this summer

The great thing about college is the opportunity to meet people outside of your hometown and make friends with people from not only different parts of the country, but maybe even the world.  On the contrary, it can suck to have to say goodbye to the people you have spent the past eight months with.  

Figuring out all your friends’ schedules and planning to meet up over the summer somewhere could make for a fun trip, while easing the pain of being away from some of your fellow Bulldogs.


As of Wednesday, there are 21 days until finals begin.  Once you have wiped your tears, buckle down, have fun and make the most of your remaining days on campus.


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