Collegian editor reflects on education, newspaper

Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons


Dear Collegian readers,

It has not hit me that I am graduating in two weeks or that my time with the Collegian is over. Writing this feels surreal.

This time of year makes everyone sentimental, nostalgic and, frankly, really cheesy. People keep asking me if I am going to cry.

I always say no, because I am still here writing this letter in the Collegian office surrounded by memes we printed out on election night, post-it notes with our silly quotes and the usual crew of editors that practically live here on Monday and Tuesday nights.

Looking forward is easier for me than looking back.

And I think the Collegian’s future is bright.

The staff will be in capable hands with Alexis Price as editor-in-chief. The editorial staff and all the staffers showed tremendous growth in 24 issues.

We dealt with lots of problems this year from serious ethical issues to stupid little typos. Each mistake made me cringe, but those moments taught us lessons more powerful than any lecture.

Working for a college newspaper is not supposed to be easy, and I know the staff will face challenges next year with people in new roles, and as-of-yet undetermined advisor and all the curveballs an academic year can throw.

I stayed up until 5 a.m. to finish the newspaper when election results came late into the night. I wrote a story about the Lambda Chi Alpha closing in a day, because campus wanted to know what really happened. I came back to the office in the middle of the night when the printer called and said the page files failed to send.

Nobody can predict those problems. But being able to adapt is a valuable lesson.

I am indebted to the Collegian for teaching me so much, surrounding me with people who share my passion for good journalism and giving me some of my favorite college memories.

Thank you to the editors who mentored me for sharing your wisdom and InDesign cheats. Thank you to the staff for being the most incredible group to work with and also listening to me during the meetings when I rambled. Thank you to the Collegian readers for supporting student press and helping students live their dreams.

It’s been a great run.

Sincerely, Editor-in-Chief Katie Goodrich