A year in memoriam

Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons


We are in the home stretch, everybody. Crazy, I know.

This year at Butler has been filled with countless amazing events and experiences. I asked some people around campus what their favorite memory of the school year was. These were their responses:


First-year Devin Weeks

Devin Weeks by Nathan Maynard

“March 24. It was one of the first super sunny and warm days of spring. Everyone was excited to be outside. I was tossing a football and blasting some new music with my friends. Everyone was lounging around on their blankets and just enjoying their Friday.”


Junior Noah Brayton

Noah Brayton by Nathan Maynard

“My favorite memory by far was traveling up to Chicago with the hockey team to play Northwestern in a two-game series. We all had so much fun the entire weekend.”


First-year Abby Smith

Abby Smith by Nathan Maynard

“Getting Initiated into Theta was definitely the best part of the year for me. I knew that I had a home at Butler and more importantly a support system that would always be there for me.”


Sophomore Corinne Campbell

Corinne Campbell by Nathan Maynard

“This year in a snapshot has been unforgettable once again, from late night studying, to making friends and trying new things. There is no way I can narrow down the happy times to one monumental thing.”


First-year Stephanie Onyeiwu

Stephanie Onyeiwu by Nathan Maynard

“I loved Ross Hall and all the memories and friendships I have made in it. From the floods to the sense of the community. I love it all.”


Make friends, try new things, and most importantly, make the most out of your time here. The school year may be coming to an end, but the memories made here at Butler will last a lifetime.