What is the Fairview community room used for?

Photo by Adam Cvik.

ISAIAH STRONG | STAFF REPORTER | istrong@butler.edu

Fluorescent light floods the room, a dozen students sit scattered around hard at work. High ceilings enclose the space littered with chairs, tables, and plush sofas. An ATM lies tucked away in the corner of the room across a control desk occupied by a student employee.

The Fairview community room — also known as the Fairview welcome center — is one of the construction initiatives undertaken by the university as part of the Butler 2020 vision. The expansive room sits on the bottom floor of Fairview House near the corner of Sunset Ave. and 46th St.

The community room is one of the more impressive architectural aspects of the new building. According to the Fairview House flythrough, the space is a “welcome center and lobby.” Complete with lounge and event space, 400 seat theatre style capacity, and a 240 seat dining style capacity.

While the community room serves many purposes it was created primarily for student use. Although the space is part of Fairview, it is controlled and maintained by the department of university events.

“The primary design of the community room is as a student soft space, a place to hang out and study,” Beth Alexander, director of university events, said.

Many students take advantage of the space as a study spot such as Liz Streiff, first-year digital media production major.

“I usually study here at least once a week,” she said. “I like how the space is quiet.”

The community room can also be reserved as event space. According to Alexander, most of the programs in the room are created by residence life staff such as RAs.

“We are very selective in deciding who can reserve the community room because of its design for student use,” Alexander said. “But the programs we do allow are usually one or two hours and require little modulation of the room.”

Alexander also noted that for the 2017-2018 new student class the space may be used for new student registration events due to the ambience of the room and its accessibility.

The community room is even outfitted with a grab n’ go station full of snacks and beverages for students and visitors. Candy, beverages and chips align the walls right across a fully accessible microwave. These amenities sit next to a personal Starbucks coffee machine capable of making coffee, hot chocolate and hot water along with a selection of teas. All of these treats and drinks can be bought with Dawg Bucks, Flex Dollars, and credit/debit cards.

One of the employees who works the control desk, junior health sciences major Missy MacCarthy, has a variety of responsibilities.

“I help with people who want to buy anything from the grab n’ go station,” she said, “Really I just kinda do whatever needs to be done to help out.”

Missy said a majority of the individuals she sees utilizing the community room are students studying, eating snacks or attending a special event.

The Fairview community room is accessible to Fairview residents 24/7, but there are select hours of operations for the welcome center and control desk.