New gates at the HRC bring mixed reactions

Photo by Adam Cvik.


The Butler University Health and Recreation Center installed new electronic gates on Dec. 20.

The electronic gates are the new entry into the gym and pool portions of the HRC. Now, instead of the desk attendant swiping student IDs or membership cards, visitors swipe themselves in, and the gate automatically opens. Upon leaving the gym, the gates sense when someone has approached and open automatically.

Many students have complained that the gates are finicky and do not serve their purpose. Lauryn Rees, first year and avid gym-goer, is not pleased with them.

“I thought they were a cool feature at first,” Rees said. “Everytime I go to use one of the gates, it malfunctions.”

Rees said she thinks the gates were unnecessary and do not serve their purpose.

“I think if they ever start working properly they could be cool, but, as for now, they’re just annoying,” Rees said.

The HRC staff said they recognize the gates’ problems. After discovering the reasons for the inconsistencies, the staff said they are confident the gates will function properly within the next week.

“We are tweaking a few more things,” Josh Downing, associate director of HRC operations, said. “All new technology takes time to perfect, but we hope to be 100 percent in seven to 10 days.”

Downing said he has faith the gates will make it simple to come in and out of the HRC.

The HRC directors said they had efficiency and customer service in mind when installing the gates.

Previously, the main job of the front desk attendant was to swipe membership cards. Now, the gates allow the attendant to focus on other parts of their job said sophomore desk attendant Emily Morrone.

“I can now focus on the gym’s maintenance instead of swiping cards the entire time,” Morrone said.

The front desk staff has customer service responsibilities, including handing out towels, day locks and answering any questions. The front desk staff answers all phone calls coming into the HRC, and sells services such as swim lessons, personal training and memberships.

“The gates will allow staff to focus on other customer service points, which will improve customer service in the gym” Downing said.

By implementing these new gates, the overall goal of the HRC is to provide a simpler way of coming in and out of the gym, which will also increase the gym’s efficiency.