Give me a break! Winter break, now versus then

Cartoon by Gabbie Evans


When I was in high school, winter break was the time of my life.

All of my friends and I would get together and complete a series of bucket list adventures like ice skating and skiing. I got gifts from all of my relatives for Christmas and I felt as if I had no responsibilities or commitments besides fun activities with my friends.

I was excited to wake up and not go to school, and the holiday over-eating seemed like no big deal. I was energized when school came back around; however, I did not want to go.

Then comes winter break in college.

I slept until at least 11 a.m. every day. My friends and I were too sleep-deprived to have fun adventures.

I am a “grown up” now, so instead of receiving presents from my extended family I was thrown into the grown up gift exchange. I ate entirely too much food at family parties as well.

For some reason, I felt as if my school-related responsibilities did not escape me over break. I even had nightmares about being late on our first day back to class and being lost on campus.

My energy was non-existent and, not to mention, I had zero privacy with my mother barging into my room (which is a sad, moved-out excuse for a room now) every 20 minutes. I also could not just walk around my front yard and expect to see friends like I can do on campus.

After break, I think I realized I am just so in love with school that I could not even handle being away for two and a half weeks.

That is a lie. Sort of.

But I do have a fondness for Butler and my classes that I would substitute for a long break any day.

I have homework and responsibilities, and everyone is sick and snot-filled, but that is what college is all about — learning to balance our tasks and other real-life situations. I missed having structure, discipline and the will to get out of bed at six in the morning.

I’ve come back refreshed and excited for learning because I love what I do here, which is something that high school me would have never said.

Now that we are back, remember that we have to fight through the cold, the fatigue and out-of-whack sleep schedules.

Always turn to professors and advisors for help or guidance if you are having any issues coming back to school, and remember that they want you to succeed.

Best wishes for an exemplary, campus-wide semester and cheap textbooks to all.