Where does parking ticket money go?

Photo by Alexis Price

RACHEL STOFFEL | STAFF REPORTER | rstoffel@butler.edu

Money from parking tickets go back into the university, specifically the campus safety department.

“It stays within Butler absolutely, and stays in the safety department for the most part really,” associate director of parking services Jeremy Moore said. “Parking services is the first place it’ll go.”

Parking tickets are common on campus. First-year student Michelle Duritsch has a car on campus and said she thinks it is rather useful, but she is unhappy with the amount of ticketing.

“I don’t think BUPD should be ticketing,” she said. “I feel like they should just let people park wherever they want. The amount of tickets that are given out is too much.”

She was not entirely certain where money from parking tickets goes.

“I think the money probably goes back to them to fund the police station,” she said. “It most likely stays within Butler.”

Moore said he was not sure when BUPD first started ticketing, but he knows they have been doing it for a while.

Typically, BUPD does not ticket over the summer, but come Labor Day weekend parking zones on campus are honored and violations are ticketed.

“We don’t really ticket for anything besides parking violations, just have your proper registration and you’ll be fine,” Moore said. “Pay attention to special events too, Hinkle is sometimes blocked off. Towing is not unheard of.”

Students with HV parking permits receive warnings via email or text when upcoming events require them to move their cars.