Preview: Family Weekend

Photo courtesy of Butler University’s Family Weekend page


Family Weekend is just a few days away. Whether your entire family is coming to visit or none at all, there are many activities to partake in.

Starting on Friday and lasting through Sunday, Butler offers a multitude of activities each day. Throughout these three days, there will be movie showings, Holcomb Observatory and Planetarium viewings, high ropes courses, tailgates and a “dinner out in Indianapolis” for students and their families to enjoy.

Eric Mannell is a senior at Butler and has participated in Family Weekend the past three years. His family is from northern Indiana and the two-hour drive is easy for them.

“For my family at least, we usually do some type of tailgating and walk around campus, or I show them where my classes are or my living situations for the year,” Mannell said. “We go downtown and do some kind of activity, maybe meet up with other families for dinner.”

Mannel described the atmosphere on campus during past Family weekends.

“Everyone comes out of their dorms [to] go and do things they don’t usually do,” Mannell said. “You see a different side of campus.”

Mannell is excited for Family Weekend this year because his sister is a first year at Butler, and he looks forward to spending time with his whole family.

First years like Keely Dempsey also look forward to Family Weekend.

“I’m excited to show my parents around campus and take them to the basketball game,” Dempsey said. “I’m also looking forward to just walking around campus and introducing my parents to my friends.”

Dempsey said she already has a list of activities she wants to do with her parents for the weekend.

“I want to try and get them to bring me to Broad Ripple and go to HopCat,” she said. “Their fries are so good. I’m also going to try and go downtown and go to a record shop with my dad.”

Kayleah Ortiz, a first-year student, is excited to see her family.

“We have tickets to the basketball game, so I’m looking forward to that,” Ortiz said. “I’m also really excited to not eat cafeteria food and for someone to pay for my meal.”

Butler provides an Indianapolis guide to top eateries around the city on their website, found under a “Dinner Out in Indianapolis.”  Some top restaurants listed are Cafe Patachou, St. Elmo Steak House and the Historic Steer-In Restaurant.

Each day’s activities can be found online at Butler University’s website homepage under Family Weekend’s learn more.