Photo courtesy of Butler Interfaith Council’s flyer

Lizzy Hackl | Culture Editor | ehackl@butler.edu

Butler University’s Interfaith Council will provide opportunities campus-wide for students and faculty to gain awareness and appreciation for all religions during “What do you believe about ___” week, starting today.

The Interfaith Council strives to promote inclusion for everyone across campus with conversations on spiritual, religious, and philosophical ideas. The Council created this event for the broader Indianapolis and Butler communities to have opportunities to promote religious appreciation.

The Interfaith Council believes that people from diverse faith backgrounds and perspectives can discuss and engage authentically through this weeklong event. Prayer, worship, and other spiritual practices are optional at each daily gathering to share various traditions and representations in a space of diverse audiences.


Flyer courtesy of Butler Interfaith Council member Sunny Singh

From 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., until November 16, anyone can gather outside the Starbucks Gazebo for discussions on interfaith topics, such as identity, community, and culture. The weeklong event offers the chance to question and engage in eye-opening ideas everyday to learn more about what DAWGs believe.

By using the hashtag #DawgsBelieve, anyone can learn and inspire the BU community on what different religions believe.

Interfaith Council member and Sophomore, Jayne Schnedl, enjoys seeing the Butler community gather together to learn about various religions.

“We wanted to create a fun event where people could learn about different religions and express what they loved about their own religion,” Schnedl said.

The daily discussion events help visitors learn about each other’s differences and promote unity in the process.

“My goals for this week are to see many people post and use the hashtag on social media, because that is our primary way of launching this event,” Schnedl said.

The hashtag creates a platform for students to interact with a bigger amount and variety of people. The hashtag and entire week focus on unity and religious appreciation, despite Butler being a home to many religious influences.

Interfaith Council member Sundeep Singh reached out to The Butler Collegian with the flyer, but could not be reached for comment.

Partakers have the option to participate and observe as they choose.