Butler students impact Indiana State Fair

Photo courtesy of Lizzy Hackl

LIZZY HACKL | CULTURE EDITOR | ehackl@butler.edu

The Indianapolis State Fair celebrated its 164th event with annual assemblies. Major attractions included 4-H animal showings, Barns Global Learning Initiative, beauty pageants and music concerts.

Butler senior Ellie Jarrett worked as an intern in the education department for the Indiana State Fairgrounds and Events Center. Jarrett said she is passionate about education and agriculture, which made the job beneficial.

During May, June and July she taught kids of varying ages from different locations of Indiana about the importance of appreciating agriculture. The children humbled her as she learned how to incorporate her learned lessons into her future.


Photo Courtesy of Ellie Jarrett

Jarrett said, “My job was rewarding. I learned so much about teaching that I’m going to use in my future as a teacher.”

During the 17 days of the fair, Jarrett specifically was in charge of running the Little Hands on the Farm exhibit. Little Hands is an interactive farming experience for children 10 years old and younger. The children would pretend to be farmers while completing mock farm chores to earn money to spend on a snack. The exhibit taught children how farm-grown food gets to a grocery store.


Photo Courtesy of Ellie Jarrett

Jarrett said, “Even though I’m exhausted from working long hours, I’m so proud that I played a part in helping thousands of kids this summer learn a little more about agriculture. It was an unforgettable and fun experience.”

The state fair provides fun for family and friends with greasy food and interactive learning experiences. Besides selling unimaginable fried desserts, such as fried red velvet Oreos, the state fair attracted Hoosiers with its beautiful beauty pageant.

Butler University sophomore Addyson Aiman participated in the state fair’s beauty pageant. Young women had the opportunity to represent their counties and work to earn being crowned as State Fair Queen.

Aiman dedicated time to show Indiana natives and visitors her beauty talents. Through teaching girls of all ages through her actions of the importance of self-confidence and acceptance in oneself, she helped raise awareness of the need for appreciating beauty in others and oneself.

The Indianapolis State Fair impacted Aiman by giving her opportunities to perform on stage with other young women.

Aiman said, “I had a great time at the pageant meeting amazing girls from all over Indiana.”