Activities to-do calendar


Whether it is on campus or in Indy, there are plenty of fun and exciting things to do during the end of August.


Enjoy receiving a free Butler Cultural Requirement while gaining a greater appreciation for the arts at Clowes Gallery Tour.

When: 6 P-M on Thursday

BCR Credit: Yes


Get involved off campus by serving the Indianapolis community with Bulldogs Into the Streets. There will be opportunities to meet new people and have fun in the city.

When: Saturday, August 27

BCR Credit: No


Finish Welcome Week with Karaoke and Qdoba. Meet new friends in the Reilly Room of Atherton Union with exciting entertainment and a food buffet.

When: 10 P-M on Friday

BCR Credit: No

Enjoy watching your friends be hypnotized by Hypnotist Jim Wand. Clowes will offer an opportunity to laugh the night away and bond with others over the hilarious sight of hypnotized students acting out.

When: 9 P-M on Saturday


Participate in the arts by watching the IndyFringe Theatre Festival. Mass Ave. Arts District will host the theatre festivals in the heart of Indy.

When: August 18-26

BCR Credit: No


Show school spirit and cheer on Butler University against its rivals at men and women’s soccer games.

Women’s Soccer BU vs. Indiana 7 P-M on Thursday

Women’s Soccer BU vs. Akron 1 P-M on Sunday

Men’s Soccer BU vs. IUPUI 7 P-M on Tuesday

BCR Credit: No