16 things Butler’s class of ’16 doesn’t regret

ALEX BARTLOW | ASST. OPINION EDITOR | abartlow@butler.edu

I often wonder about the legacy I wish to leave at Butler University upon my graduation in 2018. Will I be remembered? Will I be an inspiration? Will I be anything?

Desperation aside, I will be one thing for certain: a lifelong bulldog.

Butler University has been through a rollercoaster of a year–from the passing of beloved Butler basketball alum, Andrew Smith, to the many advancements on our rapidly growing campus.

This idea gave me the much needed inspiration to gather the thoughts of our graduating class and display them for the rest of our community to see. These are a few things, 16 to be exact, that the senior class of 2016 does not regret (not in order of importance):

1. Being busy

I tell others who have never been to Butler that we are a different breed of student. In fact, I would be willing to bet that over 50 percent of the senior class held a part-time job, participated in at least 3 extracurricular activities and took 18 credit hours for at least one semester–because why not? You have four years, make the most of it.

2. Getting the Mumps vaccine as a child

Who knew? Thanks, Mom and Dad. That was a close call.

3. Fountain hopping

This is one of the longest running Butler traditions that truly emphasizes how crazy we all actually are.

4. Attending Butler basketball games

What is one place where you can find a pharmacy major, ballet major and a smiling dog?  That’s right, Hinkle Fieldhouse.  Butler basketball is the glue that holds together the individual pieces of our university and missing out on them would be a mistake.

5. Joining Greek life

Whether you are for or against Greek life, one cannot deny the bonds and friendships that are created through it. For senior Sara Midura, leaving Greek life behind will be one of the toughest obstacles when graduating this spring.

It’s honestly a bit terrifying to be graduating, knowing that I am leaving such an amazing support system, and that I won’t be interacting daily with girls that make me laugh hysterically and grow so much,” Midura said. “But it’s also comforting having no doubt that the bonds and friendships that I’ve created will last beyond our college years.”

6. Late night food runs

Food. Friends. Fun.

That is all a college student needs to temporarily relieve the anxiety of being, well, a college student. Although the senior class preferred to chow down on Insomnia cookies, Bagel Deli and Chipotle, they were always prone to taking advantage of the free food on campus, (see No. 10), and the sweet satisfaction of using flex dollars in C-Club.

7. Studying abroad

Speaking of food, nothing can top the foreign cuisine in a new country. Study abroad is an experience of a lifetime, and for those seniors who participated, they often find it hard to imagine a better way to spend a semester.

Alyssa Hustedt, a senior who studied abroad in Alicante, Spain, established many of her views on the world while studying abroad.

“It made me see all the possibilities that the world really has to offer, especially through travel,” Hustedt said.

8. Petting our live mascot, Trip

You will never forget your first encounter with this rambunctious bulldog.

9. Petting Blue II

For most of us who arrived after 2013, we were never given the chance to meet Blue II before his passing.  America’s dog sure was a star, especially with the basketball-loving class of 2016. This year’s senior class was the last to have him as a mascot.

10. Going places just for the free food

Butler gives away so much free food. Take advantage of this… Please. With things like free Chick-Fil-A night, Jimmy John’s at basketball game viewings and unlimited pizza at the SGA movies, no senior should ever go hungry.

11. Attending events at Clowes Memorial Hall

We all know the phrase, “eight before you graduate.” Most of us dread leaving our comfort zone. But for the few of us that can make the step, these events allow us to experience what most of our majors lack: a different perspective of the world.

Seniors in the class of 2016 were able to witness George Takei, Jay Leno, The Nutcracker, Jimmy Fallon, John Green, and many more authors, artists, comedians, actors and Broadway shows that made their way through the often-used doors of Clowes Memorial Hall.

12. Internships

Whether they are required or not, internships lead you toward choosing a career path that you will actually enjoy. Do not take your summers for granted.

13. Getting to know professors

Never look at your professors as just professors. They are scholars, activists, musicians, business owners and authors, but most importantly, they are your friends.

14. Exploring Indianapolis

This city has so much to offer: the Indianapolis Museum of Art, Crown Hill Cemetery, St. Elmo’s Steak House and much, much more. Do not let the years pass without seeing at least a portion of this state’s capital.

15. Spreading the word

If you didn’t encourage at least one person to come to Butler, are you even a Butler student? But seriously, students here develop a passion for spreading the good news about this small, liberal arts university.

16. Choosing Butler University

Cheesy, I know. But among every senior I talked to, they all shared a common love: this university.

Although they are leading their own paths within the weeks to come, with graduate school, gap-year programs and new career positions, they are all tied to their own legacy at Butler.

They are bulldogs, ever do or die.