Bulldog of Butler: Kelly Schmidt


Bulldog of Butler: Kelly Schmidt

Robot Programmer, High Ropes Challenge Instructor, and Relient K lover? Read on to see who this is.

Name: Kelly Schmidt

Grade: Sophomore

From: Princeton, Illinois

Major: Arts Administration Music and Recording Industry Studies

Minor: German and Computer Science

Inspiration for the Majors & Minors: “I didn’t come to Butler knowing I wanted to do them. I always had a lot of interests and came in Exploratory, which helped me learn about so many different majors.”

Fun Fact: She’s a Teacher’s Assistant for AR Robot Programming, in Alpha Chi Omega sorority, and on the High Challenge Ropes Course staff on Butler’s campus!

Biggest accomplishment: Deciding on a major

“So many majors sound cool, but finding the right path for me was a big deal.”

Dream Job: “I want to run a non-profit venue for local music and help younger kids have a place to gain musical experience.”

Favorite Restaurant: Yats

Her Order From There: Half B&B and half Drunk Chicken with extra bread

“Bread should be its own food group. If I had to pick a favorite food, it would be bread.”

Broad Ripple or Downtown: Broad Ripple

“It’s much easier to navigate through. There’s so much going on campus that I haven’t had much time to explore Downtown. If a friend from another campus came to visit me, I would take him or her to Broad Ripple and straight to Yats.”

Warm or Cold: Warm

“When it’s nice outside, the trail to Broad Ripple is great for biking on.”

Dream House Would Be In: Nashville, Tennessee

“It’s such a fun city with a lot going on. There are always so many events and shows to see from small and large bands.

Her Opinion on the Mumps: “Everyone needs to take a chill pill.”

Q&A with Kelly Schmidt

Collegian: What made you want to be a Resident Assistant?

Kelly: “I really like helping people and knew that I could do that as an RA. I have loved my experience this year helping others and I can’t wait to be able to do it again next year, too. I was involved with a lot of activities in high school, such as basketball, volleyball, soccer, cheerleading, and dance team outside of school. I missed that feeling of being involved and knew that I could get involved and help others as an RA, especially at a small school.”

C: Did you always want to go to a small school?

K: “I wasn’t sure what school size I wanted when I was looking for colleges. I didn’t base my school off of majors because I was unsure what I wanted to do going into college. I looked at small schools and liked the feel of them more than large campuses.”

C: What would you tell a perspective Butler student about the small school size?

K: “Butler is a great size because you’re always going to see someone you know and someone you don’t know. I recognize a lot of familiar faces, but am also meeting new people all the time.”

C: Did you always know that you wanted to go to Butler?

K: “No; Butler wasn’t my top choice. After deciding that I didn’t want to go to a small school for soccer after all, I started looking at similar small schools. I talked to Butler at a College Fair and applied very late at the end of April. I visited during my Spring Break and fell in love with the campus.”

C: What’s been your favorite part of Butler?

K: “I love the people here. I was shocked at how energetic and welcoming everyone was during Welcome Week. Now, people are still always happy and helpful, even if I don’t know them.

C: So you’re a part of Butler University’s Women’s Chorus. What persuaded you to do that here?

K: “I did choir all of middle and high school. I’ve done it my whole life, so I couldn’t imagine not doing it here. I love the community aspect of the club; it makes it so much more special. I sit in rehearsal three to six hours each week with the same people. You form a bond together, which is awesome.

C: Congratulations on making it so far in the Java Jams competition. What made you want to try out for it?

K: “It’s a fun opportunity to play music with people, especially on my own campus. There are four of us in our group: two guitar players, one cajón drum player, and me as vocals.

C: That’s awesome. Good luck! You seem to have a large music background. What’s your favorite music genre?

K: “It depends on the day. It could range form metal to acoustic to choir music. It all depends on what I’m doing at that moment, whether it’s homework or jamming out with friends.”

C: Have you been to any concerts recently?

K: “I’ve supported my friends in local concerts, but haven’t seen any popular big names recently. I wanted to buy tickets to see Fall Out Boy over spring break, but they’re just so expensive.”

C: If you could see any band, what would be your dream concert?

K: “I have to see Relient K before they aren’t a band anymore.”


Kelly Schmidt with her band (Photo credits by Fairbanks 041 Facebook Page)