The Bowl isn’t the only thing that’s Super


Much like the world around us, fifty years does a lot in the ways of the Super Bowl. From the nostalgic yesteryears in which the Green Bay Packers took on the Kansas City Chiefs in what was, at the time, referred to as the First AFL-NFL World Championship Game, to the shimmering production that it is half a century later, the amount of fun has always been rock steady.

That being said, however, as the viewership has increased throughout this span of fifty years, the entertainment value has evolved rapidly. It is from this dire need for a constant stream of entertainment that Super Bowl ads take the stage, and in no other stage are they presented with such clarity and critique as the Super Bowl Ad Party hosted by ADrenaline.

Despite the Super Bowl being two weeks prior to the event, the ads and furthermore the value of such an event to the advertisement world still resonate within the club.

“People like to act and sing because they like to put on a show and change identities,” Lily Michal, president of ADrenaline and senior strategic communication major, began. “And that’s what ad campaigns are for brands—they get to craft stories and share it with millions.”

With this understanding of the amount of research and development that goes into the tiniest of screen time, the celebratory nature and strategic deciphering of the ads not only as a source of product placement but as a source of entertainment truly became palpable in the humble lecture hall as the night wore on.

Even though the big game has come and gone, the remnants of the celebratory day still linger not only in the touchdowns and field goals but also in the products we see and identify with amplified through million dollar snippets plastered throughout television and the internet.

It is from these endless conversations surrounding minute details and reveling in what comes in between the traditional source of entertainment that makes ADrenaline an amazing look into the intriguing subconscious of the world of advertising.

To gain further information on the group as a whole, be sure to look out for the annual ADrenaline networking conference happening toward the end of March, in which professionals from all over take on a much more casual tone and discuss the real world with students.