The app that bursts the Butler Bubble for you

Illustration by Audrey Meyer


The hardest part about bursting the Butler Bubble is finding out where to go, when to go there, and how to get there. This process can be easily mapped out on the Do Stuff app.

This app gives users the ultimate experience in many large cities. To access what is going on in Indy, just click on “317.”

The app has different categories of things to do in Indyconcerts/live music, food/wine/dining, arts/culture/film, clubs/dancing/karaoke, drink/food specials, and sports/recreation/outdoors.

You can select one of the categories and you will be shown a list of special events. All of these events are up-to-date or upcoming.

Under the concerts/live music category, users are shown a list of concerts and artists that are in or will be in Indy. You can even buy tickets to concerts and events through the app. My favorite feature is that the app holds drawings for concert tickets. All you have to do is search through the concerts, find one that you would enjoy, and click “win” then you are entered to win tickets.

There is also a “Free Event” section to give users opportunities to explore the city on a budget perfect for all college students!

Another interesting section to explore is the, “Best Places to Make Out in Indy” section under the discovery tab. You can find the perfect places to take your significant other for a romantic night on the town.

If you are looking to explore Indy more and really burst your bubble, the app will give you great ideas on how to do just that. It is easy to maneuver and gives the best information on the most sought-after events happening in Indy.


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