Second Discussion in the DC to take place Feb. 25


The second Discussion in the Diversity Center (DC) will be Thursday, Feb. 25 in the Efroymson Diversity Center from 4-5 p.m. The topic for this discussion is gender and sexuality. 

Senior Derrick Rogan, a committee member on the Diversity and Education and Advocacy Committee for SGA, and an organization and communication leadership major with a sociology concentration, said he thought the first Discussion in the DC went great and that students and administration received it well.

“We want all students to come. Oftentimes, people hear the Diversity Center and think, ‘Oh, this is just black students. Oh, this is just for the LGBTQ students,’” Rogan said. “We want all students to come. Things that affect minority groups on campus are things that affect everyone on campus.”

Anthony Murdock II, a coordinator on the Education and Advocacy Committee and a sophomore political science major, said a diverse perspective allows one to ask questions and hold conversations that bring about new knowledge.

Butler President James Danko said a variety of positive things can come out of these discussions. He said the discussions are helpful because they put a name and a face to an issue.

“Having people engage on a personal level with the ability to have some back and forth is helpful,” Danko said.

Murdock said he hopes the Discussion in the DC brings more knowledge to the university.

“What Discussion in the D.C. hopes to do is to bring about knowledge in places where the university sometimes lacks,” Murdock said. “This is one of the best ways to do it, because it allows students to ask those pivotal questions. It confronts administrators, but then it also creates more discussion.”