Parking garage vendors to open mid-April


Scotty’s Brewhouse and Pita Pit expect to open by the middle of April, said Richard Michal, Butler’s executive director of facilities.

“They seem to be making good progress,” he said. “I would speculate some time in March but definitely by the middle of April for Scotty’s.”

Facilities gave Scotty’s Brewhouse 90 days to outfit the inside of its space after signing an 11-year contract in January.

Businesses submit their designs to the university for approval. Then they have 90 days to complete the inside design, Michal said. The businesses bring in their own contractors and are responsible for getting the proper permits.

Although Pita Pit has not submitted their final plan, or signed its approximately 10-year contract, it hopes to open in March because of the easier build out, Michal said. 

There are still 8,000 square feet of space up for negotiation. And four vendors currently compete for two of the spaces.

Scotty’s Brewhouse and Pita Pit will measure 6,500 and 1,400 square feet respectively. 

“We’ve had, in the past, vendors come in and get pretty far down the path, and it didn’t work out,” the facilities director said. “But we’re optimistic that at least two of these will work out. As you can expect, it’s looking like food vendors.”

A drugstore vendor made it far in the process but eventually backed out, Michal said. Now, there are not any strong prospects from a pharmacy standpoint.

As for parking, Michal said the spots in front of the garage will be for short term parking. The garage itself operates on an hourly rate; the first hour is free. The facility is meant for turnover, not long term parking, which works for faculty, staff, commuter students and sporting event or Clowes Hall patrons.