Fairview set to open in August


Fairview, the new dorm being built on campus, is still set to open this August.

On the outside, the masonry has to be finished, all of the residential windows are installed, however the larger windows in the multi-purpose room still have to be installed.  After that, all that is left to do is clean up the site and do the landscaping

Inside, the crews are currently installing drywall and starting to install fixtures.  Then they will put on a base coat of paint, lay down the floor, install cabinets and add the finishing touches.

There will not be a dining hall in Fairview, it will be a multi-purpose room.

“That’s more another space similar to the Riley room where  we can hold large events and also a student study space,” Rich Michal, executive director of facilities, said.

There is a workout facility that will be in Fairview, but it is a small space and not expected to detract from the use of the HRC, Michal said.

“That may be a valuable space amenity for students that just want to go up and get on a treadmill and not have to go all the way to the HRC,” Michal said.

John Golomb, first-year risk management major,  is excited to live in Fairview and also plans on utilizing the new exercise room.

“I’m most looking forward to no flooding hopefully anywhere,” Golomb said.  “It seems like there’s a built-in exercise facility, that seems awesome.”

Each bedroom will come with a desk, bed, dresser and chair for each of the two residents, Michal said.  The community space will have a sofa that seats either seven or nine and a T.V. stand. The kitchen will have a microwave, refrigerator and sink.

As part of the scholars forum there was a pod set up for prospective students to see what it would look like when completed, Michal said.

Prospective student from Michigan Maria Couveur said that the new dorm is influencing her decision as she decides where to attend school in the fall.

“I figured since there would be new dorms there, the new dorms will be nicer than the old ones and be more clean,” Couveur said.

Residential Life is working with Michal to set up scheduled times for students interested in living in Fairview next year to tour a pod before housing selections have to be made.