Bulldogs of Butler: Brooks Carey


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What do these things have in common: Vineyard Vines Representative, Delta Gamma member and a human version of a Golden Retriever? All these wonderful characterizations describe Butler University’s own Brooks Carey.


Carey (center) surrounded by her sorority sisters. Photo courtesy of Brooks Carey.

Name: Brooks Carey

Grade: Junior

From: Grand Rapids, Michigan

Major: Marketing

Spirit Animal: Four-year-old Golden Retriever

“Because they’re full of energy and life, always wagging their tails, and always happy to see everyone in line of sight!”

Favorite Place to Eat Nearby: Yats

“I love the Cajun, New Orleans feel. The food is delicious and I definitely recommend getting a double order of bread; that’s what I always do.”

Starbucks Drink Order: Iced coffee with soy and two pumps of sugar-free vanilla (or white mocha instead) and two pumps of raspberryit tastes similar to a red velvet cupcake.

“Caffeine runs through my blood. I definitely recommend an extra shot of expresso to keep you going throughout your day. I’m at Starbucks about three times a day; I love how they know my name and order now. Starbucks is my home away from home.”

One Social Media App She Can’t Live Without: Facebook

“I’m always holding a camera and love taking and posting pictures of everyone to remember the fantastic memories. And poke wars are always hilarious.”

Favorite Spotify Playlist: Her homemade playlists, “Indie Hipster Stuff” and “Bossanova”

“The timeless Louis Armstrong brings back good memories of dinner parties with my family.” Her family has a Southern influence with many members being from Charlotte, North Carolina.

Fun Fact: Her family used to own Carey Salt Mine Company, but sold it to the infamous Morton Salt company. They now preserve their namesake with a museum and a town called, “Careyville, Kansas.”

Q&A with Brooks Carey

Collegian: What made you choose Butler?

Brooks Carey: “At first, I wanted to go down south because I saw college as an opportunity to be free and explore a new environment, but then I realized my college decision should be more focused on the number of available options and majors. I was drawn in with Butler’s vast academic program and the number of ways I could get involved. I couldn’t find one negative aspect about this college; it had everything I valued in other colleges all in one.”

C: Did you always want a small school?

BC: “Yes, I grew up with small schools and had a graduating class of 325 students. I’m very outgoing; my goal is to know everyone on campus and I feel that I can do that on a small campus.”

C: Was it hard for you going far away from home? Side Note: She’s an only child and is close with her parents.

BC: “I’m five hours away, but it’s surprisingly so easy. I had an awesome transition to Butler and can accredit that to Ambassadors of Change and Welcome Week. I recommend AOC to every incoming First Year; it was great because everyone worked together and accomplished so much great service in such a short amount of time. I got to know so many people before school even started; I was high on life because I love meeting people, especially so many at one time.”

C: You mentioned you love Welcome Week. What’s your favorite part about it?

BC: “Welcome Week is awesome and so interactive, especially since I’m a SOG. I love ice breakers and being able to get to know and lead so many incoming students. I used to give campus tours and do True Blue hosting; I just love helping others love Butler as much as I do.”

C: What made you choose your major?

BC: “During orientation, I was unknowingly placed in the College of Education, but later switched to being exploratory, which really helped me. My first semester I took ballroom dance, beginners tennis, Pre-Pharmacy, Psychology, Spanish, FYS, and an exploratory class. At first I wanted to major in sports psychology, but the exploratory class made me realize that business, specifically marketing, was the right choice for me. I took personality tests and ended up declaring business as my major, which made my dad and mom (both business majors) extremely happy and proud.”

C: What is your dream job?

BC: “I’m discovering new passions about myself everyday, but I’ve always had three routes I would love to take. One, I would be a Golf Events and Marketing Specialist and promote the Masters or British Open.” Side Note: She has golfed her entire life and would love to get paid to travel and golf. “Two, I would work at a hospital similar to Riley’s Children’s Hospital because it would be completely rewarding and fulfilling. I work on Executive Committee for Morale with BUDM and recommend it to everyone. I can’t describe the emotions and feelings I have when I’m able to make such a huge difference in the kids and their families’ lives.” Side Note: She has a marketing internship this summer with Grand Rapid’s Mary Free Bed Hospital and wants to put on charity events and GALAs in the future. “Three, I would work for Vineyard Vines.”

C: Do you enjoy Vineyard Vines ?

BC: “I’m currently Butler’s campus representative for Vineyard Vines. After wanting to be one for years, I got accepted this year on August 8th. After donating some of my earnings from being on the Ellen DeGeneres Show to Riley Hospital, I bought a GoPro and was able to film a fun application video, which helped me get hired. Now, I am paid to promote Vineyard Vines by giving out free stuff, such as stickers and hats. What I love most about being a Vineyard Vines representative is that I am able to combine the things I loveButler and Vineyard Vinesfor different causes, such as at Delta Gamma’s Anchor Splash.”

C: “What made you want to join the recruitment process ?”

BC: “Both of my parents were Greek when they were in college; I love seeing how they have such lasting memories from their times being in Panhellenic houses. I know that with my sorority, anywhere I go, I will have a sister, which I never had growing up being an only child. I have always sought out to better myself and I knew that by joining a sorority, I could do that. I joined Delta Gamma and it has already made me a better version of myself; I have all of these girls to help me do that. Also, with different leadership positions, I have been able to go on various fun adventures and meet so many amazing Panhellenic members. Overall, I love the idea that I can and will make a lasting impression on my sorority house and the girls in it.”

C: What has been your favorite part of Butler?

BC: “The whole entire experience. This question is hard because there’s such a large range of awesome memories to choose from. Homecoming always stands out to me as a favorite because it’s wonderful to see alumni and current Bulldogs come together to celebrate Butler. Overall, I love being able to walk across campus, look around, and know everyone I pass; it warms my heart to see such genuine and kind students of every grade. I know when I leave Butler, I will be able to look back on numerous incredible, lasting memories that I’ll remember forever.”

Photo of Brooks Carey at BUDM | Photo Courtesy of Brooks’ Facebook

Photo of Brooks Carey (right) with sorority sister and friend, Sabrina Pusatera | Photo Courtesy of Brooks’ Facebook