Bulldogs of Butler


Name: Lauren Hattory

Year: First-year

From: Rolling Meadows, Illinois (a suburb of Chicago)

Major: Marketing (as of now)

Minor: Nothing declared, but hopes to declare MIS (Management Information Systems, which deals with IT, or Information Technology)

Dream job: To work in IT for a large international company

“I would love this because I’m good with computers and like designing templates. I want to be a face for a problem.”

Favorite food: Steak tacos, especially from Chicago

If she could go anywhere in the world, where would she go? “To Thailand. I would try to get involved at an elephant orphanage because it’s my favorite animal. And I could definitely soak in that Thailand sun right about now.”      

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Hattory (right) laughing with a friend. Photo Courtesy of Lauren Hattory.

Q& A:

Collegian: “So why did you come to Butler?”

Lauren: “I came to Butler because a close family friend’s kids came here and recommended it to me.”

C: “Did you ever do a True Blue visit?”

L: “No, but I wish I did. I had a True Blue last week and loved being able to show her around Butler’s campus and help her visualize coming here. It was cool befriending someone so quickly and being able to show her the place I love: my home away from home. I even helped her pick out a Prom dress!”

C: “What’s your favorite thing to do at Butler?”

L: “Sleep. Haha, just kidding. I love big events, such as BUDM. It was cool seeing so many people come and work together for a great cause. I love the Butler community and its countless opportunities. I have so much love for my Unit; we always hang out. I’m currently playing on an intramural basketball team with them and love every minute of it.”

C: “So you’re a business major. What has been the hardest part with that so far?”

L: “Business majors have to get a taste for everything business. I’m a marketing major, but I can’t only take marketing classes. I have to take accounting, which I’m not as familiar with. It’s been hard broadening my mind to everything business, but I love all my teachers so far. They’re really fun and interesting, which makes it easy to learn and enjoyable to go to class.”

C: “How it is being far away from your home and family?”

L: “At first I thought I wanted to go really far away for college, but realized Butler is the perfect distance for me. I don’t feel homesick because I have my friends, a great Unit, and an awesome RA (Unit 9; shout out to Kelly Schmidt!). My sister is a junior at a different college, but we still talk a lot, which is nice. We both are always busy, especially since she’s a biology major and I’ve been keeping active.”

C: “You mentioned you’ve been really active this year. What activities do you love doing here?”

L: “I did intramural volleyball in the fall with a friend I met back home. That was an amazing experience because she introduced me to so many people and made my transition to Butler easier. I definitely recommend intramural sports to everyone, even if he or she has not played the sport before. I had never played volleyball before, but had the time of my life laughing while looking like an idiot and making mistakes.”

C: “Wow, you did intramural volleyball and basketball? You must be having a busy year!”

L: “If I had the time to do more intramurals, I definitely would do so. I love, love, love dodgeball; it’s my favorite thing ever. I would definitely join an intramural dodgeball team because the competition and energy in that game would be so much fun. Win or lose, I just love to have fun and meet new people.”

C: “Have you always loved playing sports? Did you do any growing up?”

L: “I played travel softball all of my life, but wish I could do travel dodgeball. In my COM 101 class, we debated about whether dodgeball should be removed from P.E. class classes and I think it’s necessary for student growth. Every kid should be required to play it. In high school, I played softball and did golf and gymnastics, but I never ended up doing cheerleading because my dad convinced me not to.”

C: “Overall, what would you say has been the easiest part of college so far?”

L: “Meeting people and making friends. Everyone at Butler is so nice and open to what you have to say. Unlike high school, I don’t see a lot of judgmental people; everyone is considerate and aware of others’ feelings, which I really appreciate.”