One unattractive thing we should care about


I will admit I have fallen victim to them a few times.

I will scroll through Pinterest and see them under, “Picked for you;” or browse my Facebook feed and see that three of my friends shared a common post. Usually—regrettably—I click on them out of curiosity.

I almost make it through the entire reading—and at that point, I start to feel awful. I realize, “Wow, I do six out of these nine things.”

Then I keep reading, seeing what else I have in common with the female populace. But then I always come to another realization, and I ask myself, “What the hell am I doing?”

Because the truth is, I do not care what “Nine things guys find unattractive that women do.” And neither should any other female out there.

I was doing my Sunday morning read of the Huffington Post—insert every possible old lady joke someone could make about me here—and I came across an article titled, “10 Things Men Find Unattractive About Women.” It was written by a woman, and all of her points were supported by other women—and apparently somehow that was supposed to make it OK.

Because women bashing women is so much better.

Last year, when YikYak was at its peak, I remember reading a post where some guy commented on high-waisted shorts. I do not recall the post word for word, but he basically professed his dislike for them and asked why girls would wear them because they do not even flatter their assets anyway.

Another guy commented, asking why he has seen so many girls on campus with straight across bangs—stating that unless she is Zooey Deschanel, it is not attractive.

As an avid wearer of all things high-waisted and an almost two-year owner of the straight across bangs, I was mildly offended. Not because I had a desire to impress these buffoons, but because these guys had the audacity to tell women how to be attractive.

Attractiveness is not measured by what the opposite sex—or even the same sex—thinks about you. Attractiveness is how confident you feel about yourself.

I think it is most important to point out that with any of these types of articles, it is all subjective. Many pieces—like the Huffington Post article—will say when it comes to makeup, men like a natural look.

While I am not sure of the exact statistics, this could very well be a general consensus. But there are some guys out there who like when girls doll up their faces and focus intently on their eyelashes. Whatever girl you are, there is some type of guy who likes your type of thing.

If high-waisted shorts and quirky bangs catch your eye and make you feel like the person you want to present yourself as—if your style makes you happy—then rock it. Because nothing is more attractive than someone who can rock what they feel comfortable in—timidly living a lifestyle based on what others want from you, that is not worth the sacrifice of your character.

If I want to burp out loud and congratulate myself after, then I will. If I find Zooey Deschanel ridiculously stunning and want to try out her whole bang thing, then damn it, I will. If I want to wear every pair of leggings I own for days straight until I run out, then I will.

And if I want to attract a man, then I will attract him with all of my own whims—not sacrificing a bit of myself to please someone else.