Former Butler player Andrew Smith diagnosed with leukemia


Former Butler men’s basketball center Andrew Smith, who was diagnosed with non-hodgkin lymphoma two years ago and underwent a bone marrow transplant Nov. 6, has been diagnosed with leukemia, according to a blog post from his wife Samantha.

“At this point, the transplant has failed. Essentially, this vicious disease has chewed up and spit out every single drug and treatment we have tried in the past two years like it was nothing. So, we potentially have one final treatment option left and that is a clinical study. Our incredible team of doctors is fighting endlessly on our behalf making phone calls to every potential institution that might have a trial for us to be a part of. But at the end of the day, we need a miracle.”

Smith underwent the transplant and spent 33 days in the hospital. He returned home last Monday, but was readmitted to the hospital Wednesday after his wife “had a gnawing feeling that something just wasn’t quite right.”

Smith’s wife wrote that the doctors are seeking the possibility of a clinical trial.

Samantha closed the blog post by asking for prayer from readers.

“We don’t know why this is happening and why this battle never seems to end for us, but we so deeply, deeply appreciate the outpour of love and prayers covering us. Please continue to lift Andrew up in your prayers. We need a massive army behind us storming the gates of Heaven and praying for each and every step we make in the days to come. We will be treading carefully.”