Residence halls plan community events for fall


As hall governments get underway, Ross and Schwitzer Halls both prepare for fall events.

Ross’ government, led by president and freshman biology major David Ryskamp, is planning its first event, an open mic night in the TV room in Ross’s basement Oct. 6 at 7 p.m. Ryskamp said the night will be an opportunity for performers to “show their stuff.”

“It’s just an opportunity for (Ross residents) to show their talents where otherwise they wouldn’t get to show them,” Ryskamp said.

Brooks Hosfeld, Ross vice president and freshman exploratory major, said the open mic event is an opportunity for people to showcase their talents as well as a social event for members of Ross Hall to meet one another.

“One of the aspects of dorm (life) and just living in such a small area with so many people is very much a social aspect, and so if we’re able to create safe and comfortable opportunities for people to get to know the people around them,” Hosfeld said. “It’s going to be a really positive thing.”


Similarly, Murjanatu Mutuwa, Schwitzer president and freshman international business major, said she is excited for the Halloween event Schwitzer puts on each year. At the event, children of faculty at Butler have an opportunity to “Schwitz-or-treat” through the hall and play different games in the lobby.

Mutuwa said she has other plans and events for the upcoming year, but wants to keep them under wraps for the time being. Ryskamp said he also wants to do Ross Olympics, an idea he has where different units would come together and compete against each other.

As it is Schwitzer’s last year, Mutuwa said she feels pressured, but she works with a great team that has been pushing her onward, and is looking forward to spending time with them. She said she is trying to start a program called the “Legacy Ladies” where people who have lived at Schwitzer in the past can come back and tour it one last time.

As president of Ross, Ryskamp said he was nervous going into the first meeting, but everyone on the hall government team was there to do their jobs, making everything less overwhelming.


Ryskamp said different events such as open mic night, where people display their talents, can help people connect on a deeper level.

“We have so many unique and talented people and I think that it’ll bring together the community,” Ryskamp said.

Mutuwa, too, has hopes for a community feeling at Schwitzer and she said she wants to create a sisterhood for those living in Schwitzer.

“I think a lot of times we think of sisterhood in the sorority standpoint and they get to have a lot of fun and they get to be really involved,” Mutuwa said, “But, I think we forget how important the freshman experience is before we’re in any sororities and so we’re trying to create a sisterhood bond between all girls at Schwitzer.”

In a similar light, Hosfeld said a main goal is to make sure that all activities and everything put on by the hall government is inclusive.

“I wanted to make sure that all of their activities and everything would have a monitor and be inclusive and stuff that, and as the perspective of a trans guy, I am exceptionally aware of that and I have to be aware of that for the sake of my own safety,” Hosfeld said. “I (will) at least try to put myself out there and make sure that there were people on the board who would be an advocate for other people.”